MARVEL’S THE DEFENDERS | Episodes 3 & 4 Recap

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Marvel’s The Defenders Episode 3 & 4 Recap Podcast from August 24th, 2017


Who needs a Hand? Stick sure does!
Anyone looking for an assist, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Jim Gibbons (@TheJimGibbons) have you covered with their recap of MARVEL’S THE DEFENDERS episodes three and four. And would you believe it? Josh and Jim not only liked these two episodes of THE DEFENDERS… they liked these two episodes a lot! Josh and Jim run down the highlights from the Defenders’ first official team-up, the individual pairings of Luke + Danny and Matt + Jessica, the problems they’re having with the Hand (including Stick’s hand), and much more.
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  • ryan

    As someone who read every article how bad Iron Fist was I avoided watching it for the longest time but once I finally did it wasn’t as bad as people claimed in my opinion. I’m not saying it was good because I don’t think it was because not a ton happened is my biggest issue. Were the fight scenes good? No. Was the lead great? Not going saying great but sadly I think a lot of the negative stuff is in response to people not happy who was cast. The who person who plays Colleen Wing I thought was always solid so don’t really get the hate for her.

    In one of the episodes someone said Iron Fist was worst TV show he’s ever seen which I hope means he watches nothing because that seems insane to me.

    Iron Fist>Legends of Tomorrow season 1

    On A to F scale I’d give Iron Fist a C so its kinda weird trying defend it even tho I don’t think it was great. Its definitely my least favorite out of the four.

    To end this I guess my point is either I went in to Iron Fist with my

    expectations super low or its sometimes dangerous to always trust so much group think.
    really low

    • Anna

      Nice to hear your thoughts. I didn’t watch Iron Fist at all because of the bad reviews, but I have really been enjoying his character on The Defenders so far. Would you say it’s worth it to go back and watch?

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed these 2 Epsidodes as much as I did. I 100% agree, they could have consolidated the first 2 eps down to one episode, and had this be ep 2&3. I’m still not a huge Iron Fist fan, but he was definitely a lot more fun these episodes.

  • Amy Murphy

    I could not be more over the talk on this podcast about pacing. Your point was made loud and clear on your first episode, and now that the show has picked up the pace, I STILL have to hear about it?
    1: you’re wrong and the pacing was fine. It wouldn’t be satisfying if all the action happened from episode 1. We’re following the format that’s been established successfully by shows like Game of Thrones.
    2: even if you were right, this should be one small argument in a larger conversation. Nobody is going to tune in to hear the thoughts of a critic who only has one thought. Give it a rest!

  • Hornacek

    This podcast episode was a breath of fresh air after the overwhelming (and unnecessary) negativity of the previous episode. Gibbon’s opinions actually made sense, which is something I didn’t believe was possible based on previous episodes.

    I didn’t mind the show’s first two episodes in how they kept the Defenders apart. And in fact, I think episodes 3 & 4 retroactively improve those first 2 episodes. We needed to have all 4 Defenders start off at separate places, getting to the Hand at Midland Circle by their own unique paths. The fact that they all arrived at that board room for different but believable reasons was great (ok, Matt was following Jessica, but he recognized that MC was the building where the giant hole from DD season 2 was and that the building was a dangerous place to be).

    The Matt/JJ interaction, the Luke/Danny interaction, the battle at Midland Circle, and the conference at the restaurant was everything I wanted from this show. And while I didn’t hate the IF show as much as others did, I agree that this show (and these 2 episodes in particular) have greatly improved the character. If this is the IF we get in IF season 2 (or Heroes For Hire, knock on wood), I think we will all be better for it.

    Also, when Matt was following JJ and she realized he was following her, when she disappears there is a “whoosh” sound, indicating that she used her leaping powers. That’s why Matt is confused as to where she went (too bad we’re not seeing more of her leaping on this show).