MARVEL’S THE DEFENDERS | Pre-Show Podcast #3: Luke Cage / Iron Fist

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Marvel’s The Defenders Pre-Show Podcast #3: Luke Cage / Iron Fist from August 18th, 2017


Before they become official Heroes for Hire, Luke Cage and Danny Rand have some defending to do.
In their final preview show, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Jim Gibbons (@TheJimGibbons) give their thoughts on the final two members of MARVEL’S THE DEFENDERS: the superhero occasionally known as Power Man, and the man who insists he’s Iron Fist. Clearly, not a lot of love lost between Josh and Jim and Danny Rand, but they have hope for the Defenders’ interpretation of the character, and a lot of love for his comic book roots. What’s more, Jim floats out some ideas about where the story could be headed for Luke Cage, incarcerated at the end of the first season of his show.
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  • Hornacek


    Even after the previous 2 pre-Defenders podcast episodes, I was willing to give this Gibbons guy the benefit of the doubt. Not anymore.

    “In the entire Iron Fist series, there is only 30 minutes that is watchable.” This is a ridiculous and inane statement.

    Don’t get me wrong, IF had *lots* of problems. It’s the worst of the Marvel Netflix shows (I haven’t watched Defenders yet, crosses fingers). But it had some good moments. Hell, it had some good episodes! Once you get past the first 4-5 slow episodes, the season picks up and there are some good (not great) episodes. Hell, has 5 episodes with grades in the B to B+ range.

    So saying that only 30 minutes out of this ~11-12 hours is watchable is a ridiculous statement. I am really tempted to just skip listening to future podcasts as I watch this show. But I enjoy Josh’s analysis so I will keep going, but I will only be paying attention to his comments on the season. If Gibbons says something is good or bad, it’ll likely mean that the opposite is true.

  • Hornacek

    Regarding the fighting styles of the 4 Defenders, Daredevil and Iron Fist do have distinctive fighting styles. But Luke Cage and Jessica Jones don’t. They have super-strength, so they just punch (plus Luke has invulnerable skin so he doesn’t need to worry about dodging a punch), knowing that a single punch will knock out a person. Neither of them are trained fighters (although Luke knows how to box as we saw in his Seagate flashback). So they don’t have any of the moves that DD and IF have.