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Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) come together after figuring out how to finally get the “ding dings” to work on their iPads to bring to you a bonus episode of MOST SHOWS RECAPPED to talk about the recently-released Netflix comedy series MASTER OF NONE.

Mike and Antonio go in-depth on all ten episodes of the Aziz Ansari project, where it falls on the spectrum of sitcoms, and whether the show will and should get renewed for a second season. So grab some vanilla fro-yo from 16 Handles and some famous Nashville “drummies” to snack on and enjoy!

Links from the Show:

** Ansari and Yang Explore The First-Generation Experience In Master of None

** Aziz Ansari gets candid, personal about his candid, personal Netflix show

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  • John Davis

    I loved this show and I especially loved they way you both were able to articulate the essence of it. You put into words the exact feelings I had about each episode. Well done guys. I really like how you spoke about a possible second season coming only on Asiz’s time and terms.Superb podcast!

    On another subject, I recently bought and watched the complete DVD series of Mr.Show. Hope you guys review w/ Bob and David.sometime. I would like to know what you think. I have reservations and would like to know if I am barking up the wrong tree.

    • Mike Bloom

      Hey John! I’ve only seen two episodes of With Bob and David so far, but I’ve been enjoying it. There’s a good amount of misses to the hits, but when they hit it’s fantastic. They try some stuff with serialization in the first episode that I don’t think works entirely, but I’m excited to polish off the other two episodes relatively soon.

  • Linus Wesley

    Really great show and great podcast by Mike and Antonio! I love all the realism and the humor derived from observation about all these relatable situations and ideas. Just great, honest, real stuff that at times is hilarious, but even when I’m not laughing or when it comes off like an actor is reading Aziz’s commentary about a certain subject rather than playing a character, I still really appreciate what they’re doing.

    Mike said early in the podcast that compared to other typical sitcoms, this show has much more of a self-contained plot in each episode. Although I get what you mean, I don’t think the fact that the plot is self-contained is something different or what sets it apart. Other typical sitcoms traditionally have self-contained plots in each episode too, with continuing storylines being almost non-existent and you can jump in anywhere and watch an episode without knowing anything about the show. I think what makes each episode of this show feel so self-contained and almost like a short film, is that viewers who’ve seen all previous episodes still have to adjust and figure out who the characters are and what the idea behind the current episode is, just like they did in the very first episode.

    Watching the first one, I thought that the kids and their parents would be in most if not all episodes moving forward but they’re never seen again. In the next episode, Dev suddenly has a different best friend whose father also is treated like a main character for only this one episode. It’s very different from what we’re used to and a bit hard for me to get over, as you have no idea what to expect from the next episode. I’m not criticizing the show for this since what they do is so good, but I think the ever-changing format could have been very off-putting if the quality hadn’t been so high.

  • Linus Wesley

    I think the show Antonio is referring to is Life in Pieces? Definitely not Happy Endings. My girlfriend and I watched the pilot for Life in Pieces and both gave it two thumbs down. It felt like a Modern Family rip-off that took itself too seriously and I think I remember noting that not a single thing that was said in the entire episode was funny.

    As for Happy Endings, I think both of you Mike and Antonio should watch it. It started out like a regular sitcom, but like Parks and Rec and like Community, it became a super funny, weird show with all these lovable characters and tons of pop-culture jokes.