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Michael Keaton Hosting SNL Review | April 5, 2015 Saturday Night Live Recap

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Recorded LIVE at 7:00 pm ET / 4:00 pm PT on Sunday, April 5th, Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg review the latest Saturday Night Live hosted by Michael Keaton

SNL Recap: Michael Keaton hosts an all-new SNL

SNL Recap: Michael Keaton hosts an all-new SNL

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  • Matthew Gregg

    Mike O’Brien She’s All That’ing Michael Keaton was hilarious. Hopefully he continues to produce the quality, because that guys stuff is great.

  • Tvaddic

    This doesn’t have anything to do with SNL, but Rob are you still doing that House of Cards season wrap-up/review podcast?

  • Charles Bikle

    Regarding Keaton not having been on the show more, when he was first on was during the Dick Ebersol years – I wonder if Lorne was pissed at him for that ?

  • Thought this week was probably among the worst this season along with the Chris Rock, Blake Shelton & Dakota Johnson weeks. For the first time this season I thought the strongest segment was Weekend Update. They really went for weird humor over anything else and they only really got it right at the very end with the Easter Message.

  • cburger

    Did Rich miss Darrell Hammond flubbing “Bobby” during the opening credits or did it upset him to such a degree that he refused to discuss it on the podcast?

  • Matt Curran

    I loved the “Houston we have a boner” line.

  • Dan C

    They absolutely nailed the feel of the early 90s in the scientology parody. I loved it. Monologue was awesome too.

  • Alex Kitson

    You guys were discussing potential alumni hosts for the final few weeks…. No mention of Will Forte?? New hit show no Fox and has never hosted. Did you overlook him or is there a reason Lorne wouldn’t make that call?