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Miley Cyrus Hosting SNL Review | Oct 4, 2015 Saturday Night Live Recap


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Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg review the 41st season premiere of Saturday Night Live hosted by Miley Cyrus.

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  • Brian O’Connell

    Rich, not one “ohhhh boyyyyeeeee” in this episode?
    You must have liked this episode!
    Glad you guys are back podcasting about SNL

    • I was as surprised as you were. I guess the 50s dance sketch might have deserved one, but i’m easy on season premieres!

  • Eart

    It’s great to have you guys back, and this was a fun podcast. I’m surprised that you liked the Hillary skit so much. I thought it seemed like it was written by someone from her staff instead of professional comedy writers… it was so unfunny (except for Darrell Hammond, of course). But maybe that comes down to me being of a different political persuasion than Rich.

    • thanks! I don’t think it’s a political issue – I think I have a much lower bar for political cameos, despite the party. 🙂

      • Eart

        Oh, I have very low expectations for politician cameos… which is why I wish the show just wouldn’t do them. At most have the politicians show up for the punchline of the sketch and say a line or two.

        For me, saying “For a politician sketch, it was pretty good” is like saying “For a ‘The Californians’ sketch, it was pretty good”. They’re still just crappy sketches.

        • plinkoplinko

          (stew)Eart??? Wuuuuuhrt’re you doing here???

  • cburger

    Rich, do think Cecily Strong is finally starting to separate herself from Aidy Bryant and Tim Robinson in terms of being remembered as a great cast member? She had more airtime than both on Saturday night.

    • i totally agree. she’s the female utility player on the team right now, and can still anchor sketches with interesting characters.

  • Mike Bloom

    Pumped to see you guys talking SNL as always!

    Did anyone here see the “Live from New York” documentary, which premiered previously this year and aired before the new episode? I thought it was great production quality, but really wasn’t anything you hadn’t read in any 40th anniversary coverage.

    • cburger

      Bring back Mike Bloom to the “SNL” recap! He is popular with the millennials who listen to the podcast.

      • You ask me a question and then the next day you try to shiv me to make room for the kid???

    • i saw it and forgot to mention it. i agree. it was SNL sanctioned (interviews shot in 8H), so it was more of a love-letter than revealing. the only thing “edgy” was Julia Louis Dreyfus saying there was sexism behind the scenes – but she was coincidentally from the non-Lorne era!