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Mr. Robot | Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

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Hello, friend! Welcome to the Mr. Robot podcast on Post Show Recaps. Every week, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) discuss the latest episode of Mr. Robot, covering each and every hour of the USA Network drama’s second season.

This week Josh is…perhaps tied up in a trunk somewhere in some fine Italian shoes. But Post Show Recaps’ own Mike Bloom steps up ALF style as a special guest star to discuss this week’s homage-heavy wonderfully-meta episode of Mr. Robot. Antonio and Mike break down Mr. Robot’s sitcom spinoff stylings and descend deep into the Dark Army’s innerworkings to discuss who the masters and slaves really are in the various relationships in play.

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Links from the Podcast: Interview with Sam Esmail which discusses his New Jersey roots 

Post-Episode NYT interview with Sam Esmail

Vulture talks to Sam Esmail about developing the theme music goes down the Robot hole into deep theory territory

  • Trixie02

    Nice analysis! You always catch things I miss.

    I heard a gunshot sound when Tyrell hit the green screen and first fell. Do you think he was shot first and perhaps injured? Also, Mr. Robot says that he heard jumpsuits were in these days when they heard the siren. Prison theory? Gideon was seen speaking to Dom before his demise.

  • James Griffin

    This episode was so messed up, I loved it. About to listen to your recap of, and looking forward to both of your interpretations of. All the best 🙂

  • Trixie02

    Someone posted this on Reddit. Some of the scenes like using “fun” for f*** , the robot t-shirt, hallucinations have a slight Mr. Robot feel.

    26:26 Daydream in Blue (Pajamas)

    • TrentC

      I wasn’t aware that show existed before now, thanks. I do recall Rami Malek from the miniseries The Pacific.

      As usual I haven’t listened to the podcast before commenting…I’ll eventually get the hang of this and be back.

      I liked the sitcom car scene when Elliot’s Mom kept punching Darlene and knocking her out. It was at that moment I put it together he was retreating into his mind while getting beaten.

      The thank you he gave Slater at the end was heart wrenching.

  • Agent__Zigzag

    Great podcast. Need research episode then relisted again. Never heard of Too many cooks before. Just watched it. Totally hilarious! Thanks for mentioning it. Also thanks for reminder of Community. Never finished last few seasons. Need do that soon. Mike Bloom is great fill in cohost.

  • Bryant Hughes

    maybe theyve already hacked Dom, making her more valuable to them alive.

    also in the sitcom, mrs. robot specifically asks for light cigarettes.
    then the bud light commercial.
    Will “light” have some literaly or metaphorical significance?

  • Bryant Hughes

    also, when darlene gives ang the code, it ended in “”
    so I went there and it sent me here.

    i’m sure somewhere on the Internet, it’s led to something. im guessing the show ARG.

  • TrentC

    Really enjoyed the analysis Antonio and Mike, thanks. Some random thoughts:

    I agreed with Antonio’s assessment when he said (paraphrasing) that we were seeing a kind of character growth in Elliot when he realized that Mr Robot wasn’t always trying to hurt him. Talk about levels. His primary personality recognizes his secondary personality can commit beneficial actions on his/their behalf. I’ll remember that thank you for quite a while.

    I was trying to reason out why DDP was left alive after White Rose gave her such an obvious piece of misinformation when he told her about his ‘sister. I too thought he may have seen something within her and wants to possibly recruit her.

    The entire Angela caper on the FBI floor appeared to be doomed. Her awkward exchange with smarmy pick up guy, her extended hack at the router desk, not wiping all of the prints. I also felt that the Dark Army had rigged the femtocell (sp?) box, to possibly implicate Angela or tag F-society in general to take the fall for some aspect of the breach. The scenes with Cisco point to something being changed within the tech. (question – Do all FBI agents use Android phones? Not one of them has an iPhone?)

    I agree with the theory Antonio and Mike were discussing about a possible long game, where most characters we’re seeing are not aware of being controlled from a higher level. What I would like to see is that Elliot realizes that the Dark Army has always had their own agenda, and he tries to bring them down. In this fantasy a close person or two to Elliot has to die, so I’ll leave it there.

    The first 20 minutes were brilliant. Again, I too was reminded of the parody in Natural Born Killers that was mentioned. Wondering if Alf was chosen simply because he was a puppet that doesn’t age, as opposed to late 80’s and 90’s sitcom stars that would be 25 years older now. And the alien comparison to Elliot within his family is fitting as well. The squeaky clean sitcom life juxtaposed with the bits of violence and death seeping in, all done to a laugh track that Elliot can hear, but not understand in the moment, made for one of the most fascinating and brave TV episodes I’ve seen.

    Ray is such an interesting character for season two. I’d like to think he’s not just the guy with the underground Silk Road site. He needs Elliot for a whole lot more than a site migration. Possibly he’s on the wrong side of the Dark Army?

    Thanks again gentlemen. I don’t read any other information for this show, so the various Reddit, Vulture theories you mention are interesting and insightful.

  • KnxHarington

    They totally whiffed by using that vintage Bud Light commercial when they could have run this Miller Lite commercial instead. That look at 0:15 — “that’s so George!”.