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Mr. Robot | Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

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Hello, friend! Welcome to the Mr. Robot podcast on Post Show Recaps. Every week, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) discuss the latest episode of Mr. Robot, covering each and every hour of the USA Network drama’s second season.

Josh is all dressed up with no place to go this week, still somewhere in the ether, maybe on his way to a formal party, but Mike Bloom is here in his place to talk “cockadoody” theories involving the dark army, chess games, those nuts in Congress, and pulling the curtain behind THAT reveal back at length to take stock of everything Elliot Alderson, Robot included.

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Alan Sepinwall talks with Sam Esmail regarding this episode’s big moments


  • James Griffin

    Happy Birthday, Mike 🙂

  • susan appleby

    I know I posted on an earlier episode that I find Eliot a terrifying bad guy. I have never felt an affinity for him. Even from the beginning he analyses people.

  • Trevor L

    Great show, thanks. Two points to add. Seems to me that White Rose sees Elliott as an equal. I’d guess he might have a long game we can’t see yet. Fsociety in front of the laptop I assume where looking at the fbi text msg and emails. I’m guessing they have a raid or something planned.

    • James Griffin

      White Rose might look at Elliott as an equal, nevertheless, sees the potential value in his abilities and worthy of protection, and thus sends the order for Leon to protect him while he is in jail. My suspicion would be, that White Rose was impressed with their short interview, and perhaps sees Elliot as a potential recruit for the Dark Army. Or, if this is too extreme, then as a collaborator head of Fsociety, and worthy of being protected (at least for the time being).

  • eBetheBerlin

    My thoughts on the WR_Elliot relationship are that WR is moving the pieces on the chessboard long before anyone has taken a seat at the table. He’s thought not only moves ahead, but entire games. “When you see a good move, look for a better one.” Chess is being introduced into the dialogue as yet another queue for the viewer to put their thinking caps on. One of Ray’s functions was to introduce us to chess. E (Elliot) is starting to refresh his game. Starting to re-lube those gears. He’s gotten so used to thinking only in bi-dimensional patterns with coding that the real-world 3-dimensional happenings have slipped by him. Case in point: Gideon setting up that honey put with C-30 server. Elliot’s field of vision didn’t take that in. His relationships are E and the computer; E and Darlene; E and Angela; E and Shayla (whimper. i miss shayla); E and Flipper; E and Krista; and last but not least, E and our infamous Mr. Robot, which is the pinnacle of his self-engrossment. He’s entire axis revolves within. Chess has awakened that multi-dimensional field of perception and I believe he will now become a much more formidable force whether it be adversary to E Corp or opponent to WR. Once Elliot is done wrestling within he may become nearly unstoppable. And it looks like he is waking up. I’m gonna guess the letter he showed Krista was something about an early release for his part in shutting down the human trafficking site Ray was operating.

    I believe that up to this point, WR has been using and manipulating fsociety. Elliot asked her/him is S1, “Why are you doing this? Why are you working with us?” Were we really to believe that WR was ‘helping’ fsociety? laughable. It was more like WR saw a mechanism by which she could implement her long-time plan and piggybacked on to the fsociety hack. I believe her ultimate goal is the complete upset of the global economy and redistribution of wealth, i.e., balance of power. Ecoin and bitcoin is a generic form of exchange not affiliated with any national economy. It could easily become a ‘Global’ trade exchange, leveling the playing field allowing all countries to enter the ring with the exact same influence. No more 1lb = $1.25 US Dollars. Or 1 yen = $.75 US cents. 1 eCoin = 1 eCoin. 1 bitcoin = 1 bitcoin.

    This is about world domination by China. And the imagination doesn’t have to be stretched so far to achieve this concept. It’s what is happening now, today. The only variables are the ‘how.’ Here Sam Esmail is giving us his version of the ‘how.’ Perhaps this story boils down to the oldest and simplest of themes: Follow the Money.

    • eBetheBerlin

      *honey pot* pls excuse typo.

  • TrentC

    Great deep dive guys, 2.5 hour podcasts are the shizzle (forgive my 90’s slang).

    I don’t have much to add other than I thought Elliot may be in a mental health facility. Absolutely loved the actual reveal and the way it was shot using those revolving panoramic views.

    Another listener brought this up, still have to mention it. Antonio talks about good eye-acting by performers. Angela’s eye-acting in two scenes now says – Bust me, I’m guilty of everything! Wow, I really hope it’s as mentioned. That Angela is using that as some sort of ploy. Those big eyes of hers can’t really look any more guilty when she takes those pregnant pauses saying nothing.

    Wondering where this leaves Ray. He seems to have played quite an integral part if he’s only a prison guard. Loved the Leon reveal and connectivity with White Rose.

    It’s been said that Elliot is an unreliable narrator. A few episodes ago I was thinking there may be an unreliable writer… if nothing is as it seems and the show’s reality keeps changing. Almost thought for a moment that the writer was taking certain liberties where nothing had to stick. Boy was I wrong.

    As mentioned before, this show reminds me of season two of The Leftovers. Not in subject matter, pacing or direction…rather, some events initially look puzzling and then you find out they’re connected about three levels down to other events. Can’t say enough good things about how interesting and intelligent this show is. Like The Leftovers, each new episode is a stunning revelation, while simultaneously traveling down a new rabbit hole of uncertainty.

  • Kelly Sharkey

    Thanks guys for an amazing Simpsons reference!