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Mr. Robot Revisited | Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

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Hello, friend! Welcome to the Mr. Robot podcast on Post Show Recaps. Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) are re-watching and discussing a new episode of Mr. Robot season one every week, leading up to the season two premiere on July 13. The podcast contains two separate spoiler-free and spoiler-filled sections. Please do not post spoilers in the comments section.

This week, Josh and Antonio discuss the third episode of the series, which puts Tyrell Wellick (Martin Walström) in the spotlight… and the man in the mirror is a pretty terrifying individual, isn’t he? While Tyrell makes his moves, Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) recovers from his physical and emotional injuries caused by Mr. Robot (Christian Slater), obsessing over the “debugging” process.

Send your questions in for the podcast through our feedback form. Next week’s podcast focuses on episode three of the series.

WARNING: The spoiler section of the podcast begins at the 1:04:30 mark.

  • John Davis

    I was interested in your comment about the actor Martin Wallstrom who plays Tyrell Wellick in Mr Robot, speaking Swedish to Stephanie Corneliussen who plays his wife Joanna, and that she speaks to him in Danish. To most Americans the languages sound the same, and the sub titles further serve to mask the fine differences. Antonio, you asked if this use of different languages in their private conversations could be a finely hidden plot point. Isn’t it more probable that the writer / director Sam Esmail who is Egyptian American is simply letting the actors speak in their native tongues (Wallstron is Swedish and Corneliussen is Danish) out of convenience to the actors and also as a sign of respect for their nationalities. In both cases, these two actors do a superb job shifting easily to Americanized English as a second language. Maybe it was just easier for them to do their own translations of the scripts and speak in their own tongues, rather than to have one of them either learn Danish or Swedish to accommodate the other.

    • Gal Baum

      Just like in Borat!
      Borat speaks Hebrew and his friend speaks Armenian.

      • John Davis

        And yet they are both supposedly from Kazakhstan. I wonder if Esmail wants us to believe they are speaking Russian!? Just kidding, but great pick up on Borat.

    • Talking Swedish is like walking on water.

    • Ray Davidson

      This situation is the same on the excellent Swedish/Danish show “The Bridge” (Bron/Broen, depending on the language) Danish characters speak Danish, and Swedes speak Swedish. Apparently the languages are close enough that speakers of one can understand the other. There are also possibly cultural stereotypes that each has about the other; that would be interesting to investigate.

  • susan appleby

    Love the two of you podcasting together about a show. I’m your biggest fan!

  • Annie Goldman Liebert

    “entry character”… it was Elliot’s voice, but the opening shot of the series was Tyrell out of focus… i started over, and i’m listening to the podcast after each show before i move onto the next season. i swear i think Elliot and Tyrell are the same person… my other thought is that it’s possible they’re in a sort of virtual reality game. my second theory might be more unlikely, but i’m enjoying the discussions.