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Mr. Robot Revisited | Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

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Hello, friend! Welcome to the Mr. Robot podcast on Post Show Recaps. Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) are re-watching and discussing a new episode of Mr. Robot season one every week, leading up to the season two premiere on July 13. The podcast contains two separate spoiler-free and spoiler-filled sections. Please do not post spoilers in the comments section.

This week, Josh and Antonio discuss the fourth episode of the series, which sees Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek) tripping down the “robot hole” of so many visions. It’s one of the trippiest episodes of the series thus far, and requires a whole lot of conversation to break it all apart.

Send your questions in for the podcast through our feedback form. Next week’s podcast focuses on episode three of the series.

WARNING: The spoiler section of the podcast begins at the 1:02:30 mark.

  • Sam S.

    Crazy episode. Great Podcast. This show is so darrrrkkkkk but its so good.

    • susan appleby

      I find the darkness of this show a little disturbing but I think that is intentional on the part of the creators.

  • John Davis

    As everyone knows from reading many of my previous comments, I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. A dim bulb is a better descriptor. A “fine tuned comb” comes to mind here. But I am completely mystified as to why this podcast has a spoiler free section followed by a spoiler section.

    I get spoiler free podcasts for shows like Big Brother, or Game of Thrones where there is a real time show with live feeds or a source book which could spoil future episodes. I even understand it for a show that is episodic like House of Cards but is released all at once to be either binge watched in one sitting or taken in small daily doses, or even watched weekly if someone loves to test their self restraint or lives in another universe where you are not allowed to watch more than one episode a week. But this is a year old show that is not being shown in discrete weekly episodes on any channel anywhere that I know of, and is available in its entirety through purchase or possibly other nefarious means of which I am ignorant.

    So I ask you Antonio and Josh, who are the people who need a spoiler free podcast? Who is the person who is listening to these podcasts, who didn’t watch the show last year, (but is interested in it now that you are talking about it) so they probably bought the series, but is watching only one episode at a time and waiting faithfully for a week or more (or whenever) to watch the next?

    I love your podcasts, especially when the two of you go deep in film and popular culture references with hilarious asides. I learn a lot from you both and grumble mightily when I don’t see a podcast pop up when I expect it. I understand the practical aspects of doing an episode by episode breakdown but I cannot understand the necessity of running a spoiler free section. From a listener standpoint it results in awkward voids in your discussions. For example, you begin to discuss something but realize that you might be drifting into spoiler territory so you tell us that it may, or may not, be covered in the spoiler section but then you either forget to bring it back up or it gets deferred to a later podcast where the subject becomes permanently disconnected or lost forever.

    I’m sure you have a good reason to do this podcast as you do, but it is lost on me. I’m also sure that you have now committed to doing it this way and you have passed a point of no return, but I would respectfully ask you to ask yourselves who exactly is the person out there who needs to have an unspoiled section?

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      John, thank you for listening. Our experience with these podcasts is with so much tv out there many listeners sometimes only give a show a shot once we start podcasting about it, and enjoy the episode by episode thoughts as though they are happening real time. Many have tweeted at me that they began watching episode by episode week by week bc of our podcast this summer. Additionally, the show was not even available in many foreign markets last summer—Twitter is full of users still talking about watching it for the first time.

      Because this is a show that has some huge moments, and because of our previous experience with pitching people to watch for the first time (namely The Leftovers, which we pitched people hard to binge to catch up on during S2) we wanted to make sure we provided content for all types of listeners. It is for sure our experience that people only give shows a shot bc we podcast about them. I know Rob owes me like a year of my life back for me getting into Big Brother, Opposite Worlds, Glass House, Utopia, The Quest, and several other shows just bc he was podcasting about them. I’ll do a better job of putting a pin in conversations to eliminate any voids that may occur. Thanks again for listening.

      • John Davis

        Wow, so there are people who do that? Well, I have to respect your decisions in that case. I love the podcasts regardless. You and Josh are doing a great job on these post show recaps. I’m a Big Brother fan but I can’t say it has improved my mind in the slightest. Thank God for Better Call Saul, and Fargo and Mr Robot to know that creative minds are still at work in the world.

        • susan appleby

          I appreciate the option of a non spoiler podcast.

          • John Davis

            I did the same thing with The Leftovers. I gave up halfway through season 1 but when Post show recaps started reviewing Season 2 I started watching again and really appreciated the show.

      • John Davis

        I forgot one other observation regarding the non spoiler section of these podcasts and that is the paucity of discussions in this space. After podcasts and reviews of Fargo, Better Call Saul, Game of Thrones, etc discussions were plentiful. Because we didn’t know what the UFO was all about in Fargo Season 2, I made a right fool of myself, but it was fun anyway. If there are so many first time viewers out there who only watch one episode a week, where are the discussions? Where is the speculation? Why are you not getting or talking about emails from listeners? I think the answer is obvious. Everyone has already seen all the episodes and have all the answers.

        Your format is fun to listen to and it seems like you and Josh are delighted and challenged by the exercise of making a spoiler free show, so charge ahead and enjoy. Unfortunately there’s nothing to discuss in the discussion section.

        I feel like Babu after Jerry convinced him to remodel his restaurant and change the menu to all Pakistani food. Do you see any customers? Where are the customers?

        • @Wharfrat1625

          I am just a listener here and appreciate the point you raise John. You may or may not care about my thoughts on this matter, but I want to emphasize I am offering them with respect for your perspective. I may be projecting my own feelings here, but I imagine the respect these guys have for the show puts them in a position where they want to have a discourse about the content of the episodes without inadvertently robbing anyone of the experience they initially had as the revelations within the story began to unfold. Their appreciation for what the show does so masterfully leaves them wanting to share that one time experience of watching these mysteries play out with others (who unlike you and I) may not have caught the show when it aired initially. There are a great many magnificent shows I have watched over the years that I did not discover until long after they aired, and I would have been far less appreciative of what I was experiencing had I known their secrets prior to viewing them. Fundamentally storytelling, regardless of the medium is art. Mr Robot is really a terrific piece of art that these guys want to point out to as many others as possible without detracting from those new viewers appreciation of what makes it so elite in it’s class!

          I also tend to think it’s easy to forget or misjudge how wide the audience these guys are reaching currently is, and how much larger it may potentially become. It’s easy to see the comments section or check the hashtag after a podcast and make a judgement call about how many people are listening and what those listeners background is with a given show. I suspect that those benchmarks are highly deceiving in terms of the actual number of hits these guys are getting. The vast majority of listeners aren’t posting here or tweeting after a podcast. I’m certain of that. Just because we may not see the people who love having a no spoiler portion doesn’t mean they aren’t listening! I have watched the community in this site grow significantly since it’s inception and expect it will continue to do so in the years to come. Not everyone has the same kind of viewing habits or desire for engagement. I know I am participating in conversations with friends I’ve made here and through RHAP who are currently watching Mr Robot for their first time because of the spoiler free portion. I have to be very cognizant of how I talk with them to avoid the surprises they have in store! Many have told me they look forward to coming back to listen to the spoiler section after they catch up with the entire season. If the podcast piques the interest of new listeners, they can still go on to have the awesome experience you and I did. Not to mention that these podcast are going to be here forever, or at least until the zombie apocalypse. I am certain that years from now folks will still be trickling in and discovering our friend Elliot for the first time and all the same dynamics will apply to them. It’s probably also worth noting (I’m sure it’s not a motivating factor of theirs) but if the boys are getting people to listen to a podcast twice that’s got to be a win right?

          I’m a hardcore Game of Thrones fan. I remember before the Book Club came into existence, it was wildly frustrating to try to engage in conversation here in the comments section because I couldn’t posit theories, ask certain questions, or discuss differences simply because I had to respect that many of the other listeners didn’t have the same background knowledge I did. I sent in questions to the show itself and let them decide if those submission were appropriate in terms of how they were discussing the show. I harassed Josh about Arya chasing cats for years! I get where you are coming from, but I think it’s the price of sharing something you really love with others for the first time. We bite our tongues to ensure they can share our love in the end! Anyway I hope this didn’t come off to you as judgemental or negative in any sense. Tone is nonexistent in text, and I really mean it when I say I appreciate where your thoughts. I know you are a fan of the work and that’s why you are making the point.

        • Antonio Mazzaro

          The customers are in my @mentions on Twitter, and in Josh’s, and in feedback emails we receive. In fact I addressed something on this episode because people have contacted us about it–they want to talk about the episode in the comments but aren’t sure how to avoid spoiling things.

          I feel like you are asking me to not believe something I empirically know to be true. Are you my Daemon? Is this real? Am I typing your comments and mine? Shit. I AM schitzo.

          • John Davis

            You are so kind to reply, Antonio. I can hear my mother’s voice back in 1953, “Don’t waste important people’s time with your nonsense” and I know if I had listened more carefully to the podcast I would have already known the answer to this quandary. I don’t want to be your Daemon. Please release me from that curse. I shall bother you, nevermore. 🙂

          • Raphaël Beaudoin

            I am one of those customers : being on the road a lot, podcast is my first medium of entertainment these days. Even if I wanted to, I can’t binge watch it, so I am happy that I can listen to this even tho I haven’t fully watched the show yet. I did watch 1 to 4 in one sitting to be honest but still stuck at 5 now since then and need some free time to finish it!

            Sure, ideal way of podcasting all this is probably by following the show weekly when it airs but there is never enough Antonio and Josh on my Iphone.

  • susan appleby

    By the way, Mr. Robot is on Amazon Prime now.

  • Spencer Watson

    How can you do an impromptu list of memorable Keith David appearances without mentioning Requiem For A Dream? Particularly during a drug induced fever dream sequence. Missed opportunity, imo.

  • Annie Goldman Liebert

    you’re not really elliot; you’re… tyrell.