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Hello, friend! Welcome to the Mr. Robot podcast on Post Show Recaps. Every week, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) discuss the latest episode of Mr. Robot, covering each and every hour of the USA Network drama’s second season.

It’s happening. Stage 2. Getting near-murder-level wine drunk. Unlikely professions of love. Gut shots. It’s all happening including yet another hours-long podcast about Mr. Robot. Josh and Antonio deliver a quick post mortem of the story markers laid down in this finale (RIP D/DDP), and then go deep into the minds of Elliot, Tyrell, Angela, Joanna, Darlene, DDP (and really anyone else tangentially connected to this episode) to suss out motivations and try and predict the past, and future. And of course they get Lost talking about that crazy FBI character map. Loose plans for future Mr. Robot podcasts are also discussed. It’s all happening.

Josh’s THR Interviews for Episode 212:

**Sam Esmail on Inspirations and Character Dynamics

  • Trixie02

    I have appreciated the amount of effort and research you two put into this show. You read Reddit comments, examine music choices, offer insight into literary references and add a whole level that other articles I read never even touch upon. The two of you have excellent rapport and are very responsive to your fans.Thanks for all you do!

    Bonsoir, Elliot. 🙁 See you for Season 3.

    • TrentC

      As usual I haven’t listened to the podcast yet (one day I’ll learn) and agree with this 100%. This podcast gives us so much in terms of theories and explanations, that I may try to find another recap after coming here, but I don’t feel like it’s necessary. I’ve listened to Josh and Antonio recap other TV shows, their work here is a step above.

  • Trixie02

    Love the brownouts on the audio!

    • TrentC

      Did you notice that they only occurred when Antonio was speaking?
      Hey wait a minute…we’ve never seen Josh and Antonio together at the same time. Holy crap that’s because they’re the same guy!!!

      Some algebra…

      =excellent television

      This touches on something Antonio mentioned near the end. I felt that if Trenton can reverse the decryption, her and Mobley will indeed become the most valuable characters on the series. And Leon appears more as a collection vehicle rather than a potential hitman.

      Also, why would E Corp move all of the paper records from 71 (?) different locations into one spot? I envision them having to scan each document and relog them into a new database, which will take some time. Bonfire magnet..

      Informative podcast and thanks very much for covering the season Josh & Antonio.

  • Linus Wesley

    I think it’s been a really great season and you guys have delivered top notch recaps all the way through! I really don’t understand all the complainers (like everyone except for Rob on that podcast that he’s been doing) about this season not being good, are we watching the same show?? Keep up the great work, I look forward to off-season podcasts to remind me why this show is so good, and I wish I had time to catch up with The Leftovers!

    • TrentC

      Season two of Mr Robot is excellent and there is a parallel between it and The Leftovers in the way that both first seasons laid down some groundwork that you knew was special. Then the sophomore season comes along and delivers more on so many different levels.

  • susan appleby

    Rami Malek should just win every Emmy.

  • Bryant Hughes

    Ollie says you should email Angela?
    What happens if you email her?

  • Bryant Hughes

    I think Tyrell loves Elliot, because he’s his step-brother. #OlderSon

    • Greg Hellman

      Would explain how Angela and Tyrell knew each other. If you don’t buy into White Rose laying out what is going to happen in the allotted minutes we don’t see on camera.

    • Tenley

      Episode 3 opens with Dusty Springfield singing “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” — and goes to Tyrell and Elliott on the phone. Dusty Springfield was lesbian; the song is about a lover changed and gone away and the now unrequited love. Tyrell is in love with Elliott, period.

  • John Davis

    I loved this whole season except the finale. It left me without any resolution to
    any story line or any hope that Rami Malek intends to give us one in the future. The filming, direction, suspense, acting and a clear look at a possible future world was brilliantly executed. Maybe a UFO dropping through a time travel worm hole and incinerating the E Corp paperwork would have worked better.

    • TrentC

      Apologies John if you already are aware of the following. I thought it gave us some forms of closure.

      Tyrell is alive and has been working with Elliot since the inception of the hack. Angela appeared to be cooperating with the FBI, but now is connected to Tyrell and Whiterose. This by proxy puts Elliot, Tyrell, Whiterose, Angela on the same team. The FBI knows a whole lot more about every main character in the show than we gave them credit for. Did I say main characters? I should have said every character. China and by default association Whiterose, gave Price two trillion as a bailout, when behind the scenes it appears that Whiterose/China will cause E Corp to fail with recovery completely by wiping out every hard copy (stage 2) of the company’s financial history. And then reverse the initial hack to become solvent once again thereby making billions after buying the failing company for a song.

      Also, Elliot knows that when he blacks out and Mr. Robot takes over (the three missing days plus who knows how many other times) that his darker self entirely set up and encouraged stage 2. He realizes that Mr. Robot is secretly willing to commit acts where innocent people die and of course that’s really just an aspect of himself. He’s done things to make Tyrell admire/love/revere him to such a degree, and that the potential plan in place is so important, Tyrell will even shoot the architect of the plan if necessary.

      The real question (for me) is will Good Elliot overcome Bad Elliot and not succumb to Whiterose’s intent? I’m probably simplifying and getting lots of things wrong… but it did feel like two steps forward and then one step back all season long and that kind of TV makes me think about every scene.

      • John Davis

        Thanks Trent for the clear re-cap. I saved every episode on my DVR to watch again. Maybe the plot is just too complex for my old mind to cohesively meld. Maybe I need to freeze and study Dom’s whiteboard? Now that I can binge the whole season, it may become more clear to me. The “meh” feeling I have for the second part of the finale is just that. A feeling.

        I guess I just dislike falling in love with a show like Mr. Robot and then having each season end on a giant cliff hanger, and worse in this case, even the sub plots end up open ended and ambiguous. For me, a show set in the realm of the “possible” like Mr. Robot should end its seasons more like The Wire or The Sopranos, not like Game of Thrones. And I’m not even including shows like Lost or The Leftovers which intentionally force you to accept the unexplained. This is my frustration with this show. One thing I loved about The Wire and The Sopranos, was that each Season ended with an episode that closed out a major story arc while maintaining the characters, at least those that did not die. This allowed them to be inserted into an new thematic situation the next season while maintaining their progress as a character. McNulty grows from season to season and his character develops and changes but each season closes out the main social theme with a satisfying end.

        Finally, being an old guy lessens my chances of living long enough to see how Robot ends. I hope I do.

        • TrentC

          I’m sure you’ll be there for the end 🙂

          My ‘brilliant’ metaphor for Mr. Robot is – it’s like an onion and as you remove each layer, the onion gets larger rather than smaller.

          I’m in the same boat as you John. At times I have no idea what’s happening here and things that seemed clear, are not at all how they appear. I rarely rewatch shows as they air, preferring to rewatch the whole thing again years later. This season I have rewatched two episodes the night they aired and coupled with this podcast things became a little clearer.

          And of course you’re entitled to feel meh about a show you watch, despite the veritable army of people who are saying it’s the greatest thing ever. I’ve watched a grand total of 42 minutes of Big Brother in 15 years and will likely never see another minute. I’ll let the rest of the world enjoy it 🙂

  • StephB

    In the podcast Antonio referred to something that happened in Dexter. I watched Dexter but I don’t remember what Antonio and Josh were talking about. Does anyone know?

    • TrentC

      I watched the entire series as well and thought some of the final season episodes/outcomes were ridiculous. Can’t remember anything from the time they were talking about.

      I suppose if someone does know it will be a large spoiler for others if posted here.

  • IsYet

    You guys make a great show so much better. Only problem is that I feel ‘less smart’ and a lot less observant after listening to you recap the shows. 🙂

    On Elliot Getting Himself Thrown in Jail.
    When he got out of prison, the show spent some time on the guard handing the ECorp credit card back to Elliot and saying it was worthless out there now. I didn’t think that Elliot was a card carrying kind of a guy.
    I think that he used the card at the vet in case Flipper was chipped and that this could lead to his arrest.
    That, and the knowing smile he gave us when they knocked on his door and took him away, makes me think that he did want to be arrested and orchestrated it.

    Mr. Robot – The Charismatic Leader.
    We don’t know what Mr. Robot told Tyrell when they were looking into the sky but it seems to have really impressed Tyrell.
    Other than Romero and the scene with Tyrell, we’ve only seen Mr. Robot interact with Elliot.
    It seems that Mr. Robot has a very powerful presenting style and it can be very effective in winning people over.
    Maybe Tyrell loves Mr. Robot in a David Koreshian kind of way.

    Your boy Mobley and Trenton.
    Pretty sure she said that she had found some ‘keys’ and they might be used to turn things around. Those would be the encryption keys used to lock up the ECorp files.
    Also, Leon’s role seems to be a protector. He’s never been sent to kill someone (almost said assassinate but it might be too soon) that we know of.
    In the battle between Bitcoin (Dark Army) and ECoin, Trenton’s ability to decrypt the files might be pretty useful.
    And, someone had to have left the key out there. If they really wanted to destroy the files forever, they would have destroyed all evidence of the keys. Sounds like something that Elliot would have done behind Mr. Robot’s back.

    (My wife and I started watching The Leftovers because Jay and Jack from The Lost Podcast were doing a show about it. Then we started listening to your Leftovers show and loved that. If only you’d do a podcast about Robot… Then you did. Yay!).

  • Joey

    This podcast makes me feel like my mind is awake and my body is asleep.