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Mr. Robot | Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

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Hello, friend! Welcome to the Mr. Robot podcast on Post Show Recaps. Every week, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) discuss the latest episode of Mr. Robot, covering each and every hour of the USA Network drama’s second season.

This week, Josh and Antonio launch into Elliot Alderson’s latest drug bender, this time an Adderall fueled attempt to get rid of Mr. Robot for good. They also talk about the second major death of the season, the uncomfortable encounters between Phillip Price and Angela Moss, the mystery still surrounding Tyrell Wellick’s whereabouts, and much more.

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  • Matt The Golem

    Since Mr Robot is another personality of Elliott do you think we’ll ever see Malek acting like Slater?

    • TrentC

      I was becoming confused as to who was real when Elliot was talking to people in the past few episodes. Thought for sure his Seinfeld buddy was a figment of his imagination, now I’m not so sure.

      Funny thing is…it doesn’t matter to me anymore because watching him getting lost in his own mind is amazing.

      • Trixie02

        Leon still could be imaginary. He never eats but he talks while Elliot does. This show could go in so many directions.

      • Matt The Golem

        I thought they were in jail or institution and the people and strict schedule were real but Elliot changed the setting in his mind.
        But this episode destroyed that theory.

        • TrentC

          Yes I’m sure a few things may be symbolic in Elliot’s mind. It’s pretty cool to see some things change. Still..when Slater-Dad shot him in the forehead the first time it was jarring, even knowing Dad is a part of his imagination/psychosis.

        • Bryant Hughes


          I thought it was made evene more clear when as soon as he took pills, he was accosted by staff.

    • Trixie02

      At times I thought we were during his religious rant. Then, he was shocked he said it aloud. Maybe Elliot’s control will make Mr. Robot part of him.

      Does he have DID or schizophrenia? Has he fractured out of necessity or does he hallucinate and hear voices? I’m starting to think the latter, especially since he is lonely and speaks of imaginary friends he talks to. Then again, I have no clue.

  • TrentC

    Apologies Josh and Antonio. Family issue has kept me from listening to your recaps on this show. Always enjoy hearing your in depth analysis.

    I haven’t listened to this episode’s recap yet, hopefully you thought it was brilliant as well. Part Mr Robot, part Hannibal, part Breaking Bad, part Trainspotting. The cinematography, the writing, the acting… all outstanding.

    His monologue on organized religion during the help group was a brave bit of writing. When he asked – Did I just say that out loud?, I almost fell off of the couch.

    I’m gushing over this one. Episodes like this prove that when Mr Robot is firing on all cylinders, it’s some great TV.

  • That barfing up the Adderall and then swallowing it again was grosser than any bit of gore on GoT or TWD ever. No amount of knowing it’s just cream of wheat or porridge will change that

  • Trixie02

    DiPierro speaks Farsi to a shopkeeper and Trenton’s family speaks Farsi as well. Connection or coincidence?

    I think Mobley is a fake name. Trenton certainly is.

    The red phone reminds me of the mythical phone that could directly call the Kremlin during the Cold War. Here it connects to Tyrell. Dark Army?

    • TrentC

      “I think Mobley is a fake name. Trenton certainly is.”

      Careful with that axe Eugene…

      Unrelated question – Angela Moss gets the dinner invite and for lack of a better term, dresses to the nines while simultaneously looking like a bit of a ho. There was nothing subtle and everything sexual about her attire considering it was a ‘business meeting’ with her elderly boss. I was surprised to see that Price never mentions it. He could have easily demeaned her at any point with the other two surprise guests there, or belittled her after they were gone. Am I grasping or was there a potential for some uncomfy embarrassment because it appeared she read the situation wrong?

      • Trixie02

        Given what was said about how she is getting ahead at work last episode by a female colleague I was surprised. Her outfit walked a fine line between date and meeting and leaned toward date with the neckline, hairstyle and zipper down the back, but Angela is insecure. Price deliberately planted the idea that it was a date in her head and she was embarrassed judging from her body language and the screech of the song. Now, more colleagues witnessed her attire and can use that against her. Price introduced himself as “Master of the Universe” which he seems to be. He could pay up front for food while those outside were protesting debt.

        • TrentC

          I got the same impression. He was manipulating her into embarrassing herself. Although I thought the neckline down to her bellybutton was a little much for any type of meeting with that guy. I do like the way she handled the surprise. Probably those positive sexy affirmations helped.

          And yes Price appears to have some fat stacks…I think he was peeling hundreds off of that bankroll to pay upfront. I always carry around that amount amount of cash too, just in case.

          *wonders if lightning can strike liars while indoors*

          I wonder if this a case of Survivor Mr Robot editing where Elliot may screw over Price at one point? Master of the Universe downfall edit..

    • Bryant Hughes

      Her plan to bring down E can definitely be streamlined by getting in bed with Price.

  • susan appleby

    Philip Glass is my favorite composer and is the reason I learned to play the piano. I wanted to be able to play his songs at least at an intermediate level.

    Fantastic that his music is used so effectively in this show.

  • TarafromLI

    “Alexa, stop” at the end of this podcast. Tehee, Josh.

    • Matt The Golem

      These casts are great, there’s a lot of fun and silliness along with the recapping and analysis. Mazzaro points out many music and literary references I miss.

  • Bryant Hughes

    I do not at all think Elliot was trying to kill himself with the adderall.

    He says the line, “o.d.-ing on adderall was finally my way of controlling him”

    Overdose just means taking too much, it doesnt necessarily mean death