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Mr. Robot | Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

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Hello, friend! Welcome to the Mr. Robot podcast on Post Show Recaps. Every week, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) discuss the latest episode of Mr. Robot, covering each and every hour of the USA Network drama’s second season.

This week, Josh and Antonio detonate a Logic Bomb and sift through the wreckage surrounding Elliot Alderson, Dom DiPierro, Angela and Darlene, among others. Despite being the shortest episode of the season yet, it’s one of the most jam-packed, with massive reveals about Ray’s secret business, White Rose’s public persona, Joanna Wellick’s willingness to hit the kill switch, and further teases about Tyrell’s current whereabouts. Plus, Josh and Antonio pour one out for DDP’s BFF.

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  • dapete

    Another indicator that DDP’s relationship was not with a man: there’s a shot of a TV with the announcement that the SCOTUS made gay marriage legal.

  • TrentC

    You guys were discussing when White Rose questioned DDP about why she joined the FBI. Wasn’t her answer something like – I was disgusted by the brutality of the world and simultaneously fascinated by it? I don’t think her career choice had much to do with leaving an old lover, could be wrong though. Reason I recall the answer is because I thought it was a brutally honest explanation as to why some folks get into police/detective/FBI work.

    Caught up now on the podcasts, great work as always with the analysis and explanations Josh and Antonio. You always shed some light on something I’ve missed, thanks.

  • Trixie02

    Strangely enough the scene with White Rose and DDP reminded me of Cinderella. The clock struck midnight and he had to leave abruptly. Before that he was talking about identity and that people are living out their lives in an alternate reality. He then returns to his other life away from dressing in exquisite clothes, the one in which he wears a suit.

    And a new day begins indeed…

    Did she really think she could snoop around up there? How rude to go upstairs in someone’s home without permission when you’re a guest. And she just busts open closed doors. So much for diplomacy.

    • TrentC

      I like the Cinderella comparison. The alternate reality statement seems to apply to Elliot, Ray, Angela, DDP and the White Rose.

      Yes DDP’s brazen comments and then snooping around later were pretty brave. Then again, at this early point I don’t think she senses the Dark Army connection with BD Wong.

      One subtle part I liked was DDP trying to navigate high heels during the dinner party. The show didn’t focus on it, but she was clearly out of her sensible shoes element. I felt she was using the dinner dress/heels outfit as an attempt to possibly disguise her intelligence and come across a little ditzier.

      *ditzier is an actual word, wow

      • Trixie02

        It was a formal event so heels are normal, but she really overstepped her bounds by going upstairs. I don’t think she was brave but foolish. She’s in China (Fastforward to the next day).

        Something about her is off. White Rose’s head turn when she mentioned the Dark Army was my favorite moment. What an actor!

        • TrentC

          What I meant was when she walks upstairs in the heels she looks pretty shaky in them. In line with DDP’s character I thought.

          Brave, foolish…she crossed a few lines and I have to wonder – Is her character simply that unaware of social protocols or was she deliberately pushing some limits to see what happened? I pick the latter as she seems quite intelligent.

          Yes White Rose’s reaction was perfect after DDP’s Dark Army inquiry! That smile was frozen on his face and he looked like he was going to break apart before finally breathing out and commenting.

          That gun attack scene was intense. Continuous shot from when DDP and her buddy walk down the stairs if I recall correctly. Yep, just checked and noticed something else. As they walk down the stairs, on the floor above there’s a guy in a white shirt walking quickly holding a bag. He descends quickly and passes right in front of DDP as they approach the buffet table. Likely just a background actor…or was it?

          • Trixie02

            I see what you meant now. That was intense. Great episode overall. That guy could have been hotel staff but it is odd that he walks down into the scene.

      • eBetheBerlin

        I totally picked up on that too, the heels thing. and how uncomfortable & awkward she looked. Or, maybe that was just ‘the bathroom dance?’ lol She said she was looking for the restroom. I thought it was soo cool to get a glimpse inside the Minister’s private hideaway clock room. How effin cool is that?! I feel like that has the most symbolism yet. Not just that it’s a nod to “Back To the Future,” but I feel like the Shakespeare quote about we are all shadows dancing on the stage has a deeper meaning. WR is trying to not waste 1 second of time.

        • TrentC

          Yes good call and completely agreed on White Rose’s clock room and the deeper time factor meaning. First glance it looks like just an eclectic collection of items…

          One thing I noticed was that White Rose/defense minister only seemed concerned with time when he was changing into the female version of himself. I think the clocks in the closet scene has been the only time we’ve seen him and the time issue when he was just the minister(?).

          Speaking of people having dual or alternate realities, have you watched the most recent two episodes? This show just keeps getting better.

    • eBetheBerlin

      Love the Cinderella reference. I think it’s Dead On. we all know our Sam Esmail likes to travel down the rabbit hole. Why not pumpkins and silver slippers too?

  • Lila

    DDP’s friend was played by Olivia Washington, daughter of Denzel!

    Gone too soon.

  • Bryant Hughes

    important line in the joanna/kareem scene.

    “Who are we protecting?.. Some scrawny kid in a hoody?”

    • eBetheBerlin

      I think it is all a ruse. I agree it was noteworthy but I took it more as ‘slight of hand.’ This show is like watching a magician pull a scarf out of his sleeve while behind him & back to the side the assistant is sawing someone in half. Joanna wasn’t going to be forthcoming w/a parking attendant. Everyone is a pawn to her and she is the Queen. Tyrell, the King.

  • Bryant Hughes

    I think it’s obv White Rose is passionate about alternate realities, because in them she will be born as the correct gender.

  • Bryant Hughes

    I liked that we saw hot Carla at the basketball court

  • SJ

    If I didn’t love your podcasts already, the Aladdin references had me laughing in my car. That might be my new favourite Mr. Robot reference, even more than Challenge Beast Terry Colby.