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Mr. Robot | Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

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Hello, friend! Welcome to the Mr. Robot podcast on Post Show Recaps. Every week, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) discuss the latest episode of Mr. Robot, covering each and every hour of the USA Network drama’s second season.

This week, Josh returns to join Antonio in discussing the show’s first ever episode without a single sign of Rami Malek and Christian Slater. Both Elliot and his alter-ego take a seat on the bench as the noose tightens on Darlene and the rest of fsociety, forced to confront enemies real, imagined, and somewhere in between. Josh and Antonio reset the table on some of the details still hanging out in the Mr. Robot universe, ones that began subtly resurfacing in this week’s episode. Plus, Josh gives his quick takes on the two episodes he missed at the start of the podcast.

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  • TrentC

    “…execute at a much higher level than any of us even realized as we were watching it.”

    Well said Antonio. Mr. Robot is my new Breaking Bad. The choice of shots and structure, the tension laced narrative, Angela becoming a walking Quaalude advertisement…this show is wonderful (weird). Thanks for the podcast guys.

  • Sylvia Aponte

    Listening to podcast, missed you 2 together altho mike did a great job. I’ve been trying to look for Alice and wonderland connections ever since Cisco told Darlene to meet him at the bar, “2 blocks down”. I believe it was called the Looking Glass. This was when she was trying to get a meeting with the Dark Army.

  • Trixie02

    Mobley reminds me of Antonio.

    • TrentC

      Mobley = spawn of Josh and Antonio according to the podcasters.

      I have a vested interest in Trent…on.

      • Trixie02

        Haha. I must have missed that! I really “like” those two characters if one can truly like a character besides Gideon or Bill on this show.

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        • TrentC

          I liked the flashback scene when they met. Mobley is trying to pick her up, then tries to show off by throwing out a little technospeak…meanwhile Trenton totally misleads him and hacks his laptop within two minutes. I love her character, not your ‘typical’ hacker stereotype.

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          • Trixie02

            Strange how it tagged that in. Must be Trenton’s doing.

          • TrentC

            I think you subliminally included it because of the brief podcast moment where the subject was Apple vs Android and Antonio quipped he meant offense at the Android users. He’s got to stop using his outloud texting voice when thinking those nasty thoughts. In unrelated news did you realize that iTunes collects more personal data than the NSA? The iCloud is the matrix and each new user is just another node to be exploited…I’ve said too much, gotta roll.

            Trenton’s brother

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    • susan appleby

      Mobley wishes he was as awesome as Antonio.

      • Trixie02

        I completely agree, Susan! Mobley may even need the services of Antonio right now.

  • Eart

    Ehh, I’m in the crowd that is tired of this show. At this point in time in season 2, we probably have had about as much non-commercial screen time as all of season 1, and Eliot’s been at a computer for what, 5 minutes? I cared about the fate of Tyrell Wellick for the first few episodes, now I just don’t care because of how drawn out it has become. And while I like an unreliable narrator, I don’t want to have to question every single thing that I see, “Is that real? Wait is that real?”

    • SWright

      You have Lostrophobia.

      • susan appleby

        Everything isn’t meaningless. Just look at Eliott as a master manipulator. Not that anything can happen. Eliot still got into prison somehow for something. The FBI is real. The deaths including Gideon are real.

        What I want to know is how well Eliot knows White Rose. Fsociety v Dark Army: what’s the deal?

  • susan appleby

    You guys aren’t playing or following the ARG?

  • I just wanted to say I appreciate the tight, concise takes you all have for this show. I listen to just about any podcasts regarding this show and you guys do a great job compared to some of the others I’ve heard.

    One question though, I heard you say that Mr. Robot killed Romero and you seemed really convinced of it. I found that kinda strange, I don’t think Mr. Robot has actually ever killed anyone (not directly anyways).

    • Kelly Sharkey

      I took it to mean that Mr Robot, the show, killed Romero.