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Mr. Robot | Season 3, Episode 2 Recap

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Mr. Robot | Season 3, Episode 2 Recap

Listen to your hearts, and listen to the sadness as your friendly neighborhood MR. ROBOT podcasters grieve the events of “Undo,” the second episode of season three.
In this week’s podcast, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) pour one out for… yeah, no, not even going to spell it out here, because it’s still too raw and upsetting and also there’s a chance you have accidentally ended up on this page without having seen the episode, and spoiling anything from this moment would be way too cruel, so cool! Let’s leave it there!

Needless to say, an emotional episode of MR. ROBOT, and a dense one as well, packed with clues about where the story is headed now that Elliot is working within the belly of the Evil Corp beast, the escalating feud between Phillip Price and Whiterose, Darlene’s secrets revealed (at least to us), a return to the therapy sessions between Elliot and Krista (as well as another passenger), and more.

All season long, Josh will be interviewing cast and crew members for The Hollywood Reporter. Check out this week’s coverage below:

• Sam Esmail + SPOILER Weigh in on THAT SCENE
• Kor Adana’s Weekly “Cracking the Code” Column

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  • TrentC

    Before we dive in to the pod, this was one of my favorite episodes. From Elliot’s opening monologue to the Minister’s threatening and hilarious saying to Phillip, it had a little of everything except Angela. And she was mentioned in an offhand, albeit horrible way.

  • James Griffin

    You both did such a great job discussing the first episode of third season, I’m back for more.

  • SaraMadridista

    I do agree with Josh, I am not fan of Joanna death, I dont think her story was told, I am confused on why she was dead beyond a shocking factor.

  • Kolohe

    I kinda worry that this episode’s ‘shocking event’ is canary in the coal mine for the fact that Esmail’s overarching big plan is of the same sort as The Cylons Have A Plan.

  • Bryant Hughes

    We’ve seen all of Elliot’s reasons why “We have to go back”.
    Now there is something in this timeline/universe that will (possibly) make Tyrell wish all of this never happened

  • Jonathan Purves

    Anyone else see Joanna Wellick getting killed off simply being because the storyline had run it’s course and they had no further use for her?

    Only other explanation I can think is it will bring Tyrell Wellick out of hiding for his son?

    • TrentC

      I think that’s the reason. They needed to free up the Tyrell character to go super deep and crazy, and she was a form of distraction for him. Now her death will likely allow Tyrell to go even deeper down the rabbit hole.

      Kind of jarring in a show that really doesn’t have a huge cast of main characters.