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Mr. Robot | Season 3, Episode 3 Recap

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Mr. Robot | Season 3, Episode 3 Recap

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) are back this week to discuss the third episode of Mr. Robot season three, focused squarely on Martin Wallström’s Tyrell Wellick. What happened to the most wanted man in America since he disappeared on the night of the Five/Nine Hack? This episode fills in those gaps, and gaps are where it’s at! Josh and Antonio run down all of the developments in Tyrell’s world, including some new details about Bobby Cannavale’s Irving (and the Big Brother baggage he brings to the table), the sudden appearance of a wild Wallace Shawn, as well as the revelation of a traitor within the FBI.

All season long, Josh will be covering Mr. Robot on The Hollywood ReporterCheck out his stories from this week below:

• Martin Wallström on Tyrell Wellick’s Lost Time
• Cracking the Code with Kor Adana

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  • TrentC

    I like a good fill in the blanks episode for a series like Mr Robot. Esmail made a good call here.

    Diving into the pod shortly, thanks.

  • TrentC

    I have two dumb questions regarding timing.

    Leon goes to meet Trenton and Mobley after the 5/9 hack. And then Leon is already established in prison to help Elliot when he goes in?

    Angela was already onboard with White Rose as she sat by Elliot when he was getting the bullet removed?

    And how about this bit of personal fan fiction. Did the Dark Army inspire and arrange Joanna Wellick’s love interest to shoot her?

    Enjoyed the episode breakdown on the podcast. It helped illuminate some darker areas of the circular storytelling, which I love by the way.

    • Officer Christine

      I wondered about Derrick. They drove Tyrell over the edge keeping him isolated with the knowledge that Joanna was cheating and probably played with Derrick’s sanity in a similar way. We see Tyrell shoot Elliot (and vice versa). We see Derrick shoot Joanna. It’s that whole Hall of Mirrors song all over again.Joanna is shot where Elliot put the gun.

      Poor Joanna. Both of her children were taken away. I wondered why they brought up a child who would never be part of the story.

      • TrentC

        Do you mean the baby that Tyrell was constantly looking at online? If so I believe my JFK conspiracy theory featuring Derrick all the more, because the Dark Army removed the mother protecting the baby and now can use the child to control Tyrell. That may be a great big yoga stretch on my part. Derrick could just be a part of the random irony the producer spoke about in the Mr Robot world.

        • Officer Christine

          I think you may be right. We learn that Tyrell does not want to be like his father. We know Joanna had her first child taken away. This should drive Tyrell further over the edge to learn his son is gone for himself and Joanna.

          Derrick could just be a cool side story but I think Joanna’s death has purpose on the show. The father (Tyrell) was brought up by the police and the decision was social services anyways.

          • TrentC

            I think the same about Joanna’s death having a deeper purpose. The writing is too purposeful on this show to have a character killed and say it was a random result of the world she lived in. Of course Josh’s interviewee can’t explain the real underlying reason if there is one.

            Then again, maybe the show is inspiring fan paranoia and we’re automatically assuming there must be some deeper reason.

  • Ankit Israni

    haha….Big brother alter ego connection is so funny…’s like taking any movie/show and try to find narratives that satisfy your analogy….there is no way esmail thought of austins alter ego connection…..btw liz looks like angela….does that mean anything?….maybe angela in show has secret sister….bam we have a new theory

  • SaraMadridista

    Ok the most annoying part of this season so far is fact that I just want see more Rami Malek more than anything, I am not biggest fan of seeing Christian Slater alone portraying Rami malek to be honest, why cant we see more of Mr Robot as Rami Malek?