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Nathan For You | Most Shows Recapped Ep 12

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Most Shows Recapped for Nathan For You 

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  • Craig

    Is Akiva not on this? How could you do a NFY cast without Akiva?

    NFY is so great. I was a fan of Nathan Fielder from early on when he was doing a something similar to this on a political sketch show up here in Canada called This Hour has 22 Minutes. His segment was called Nathan on your Side, and it was very much like what Nathan for You is. Here is one of my favourites where he is interviewing the president of the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

    So glad to see the shows doing well for him. He plays the awkwardness so well. I think my favourite part of this season was when he was telling the Asian stunt driver to play up her Asian accent, then after asking for an example he preempts the conversation by explaining he is not racist before doing the most racist Asian accent possible.

  • I caught the 1$ tv episode a few weeks ago at like 1am an laughed my ass off. Then i never realized it was a full blown show, Now that i know there is 3 seasons i know what my next day or two is going to look like 😉

  • Antoni

    Thanks for talking about this, I just watched the first episode and I must admit I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

  • Gal Baum

    MSR idea: Luther
    The 4th season just started two days ago. It’s only 4 episodes for a season (except the 1st which has 6), so you should really watch it, if you didn’t.

  • Heather Ringer

    Omg I’m dying!!!!! Rob and Taran talking about Big Brother, Black Mirror and Nathan for you! And the shutout for Review ! Love it