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The People vs. OJ Simpson Review | Most Shows Recapped Ep 18

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Rob Cesternino and Antonio Mazzaro welcome special guest, Akiva Wienerkur to discuss the FX series, “American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson”.  Rob, Antonio and Akiva discuss the tone of the series, some of the interesting casting choices and performances and what we’re most looking forward to seeing in the rest of the series and season two.

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  • TrentC

    Approaching this one backwards. Listened to the podcast before checking out the show. I was in my later 20’s when the OJ trial was happening and it absolutely exploded across our TV screens. I can’t recall anything else being on at the time. Trial coverage all day long and then news regurgitations all night long. It reminded me of Olympic coverage.

    Thanks to Antonio for the explanation about Kato and his mysterious presence, something I’ve never understood and always wondered about.

    I owned a half cut teeshirt that said ‘The Juice’ with number 32 on it and wore it playing high school football. Like Akiva I’m a big true crime buff, so when the OJ incident occurred I was in shock. His positive persona playing and then commentating on football games coupled with his Isotoner and Hertz rent a car spots on TV, not to mention the odd guest spot on movies, made a lot of people including myself disbelieve that he was capable of those crimes, especially during the outset of the trial.

    Thanks for the podcast gentlemen, you’ve inspired me to watch something I assumed was going to be a trainwreck. I admit to having seen Glee, Scream Queens and American Horror Story. Hopefully this series won’t compound my shame.

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    This isnt a series created by Ryan Murphy….so I don’t think it will be anything like AHS, Glee, or Scream Queens! He’s only producing the show and directed the first 2 episodes so far~ Just this fact alone we can most definitely expect something completely different (fingers crossed it wont end up being a trainwreck!) All I’ve been seeing are positive reviews of the first six episodes….something that doesn’t happen very often…so I’ll be surprised if it’s anything similar to AHS at all~~

    Hopefully you guys will consider doing this series as a weekly podcast – there’s only 10 episodes this first season…so it should be perfect filler until GoT returns… would be a shame if this got overlooked just because it’s got Ryan Murphy’s name attached to it….LOL

  • Matt The Golem

    Guilty! I expect that throughout the series, the evidence will indicate that OJ is guilty, but he will never admit anything and maintain that he is innocent. From the narrativce POV this will be tricky but it will keep a tension for the viewer – not about whether or not OJ is guilty, but more a question of “will he crack and confess?”

  • C05EDEN

    Apparently Robert Kardashian and OJ were friends from the early 70’s (USC connection, I think) and were groomsmen in each others weddings, business partners, etc. Robert, to me, also is infamous for his looks of surprise and/or (most likely) disgust when the verdict is read. He clearly seems like the one person on OJ’s side who is disturbed by the mountain of evidence against him.

    • Ali B

      Just looked up Robert’s reaction on youtube – wow.

  • As I have never been a US resident, this show is really gripping and I am more than ready to dive into the whole OJ simpson murder trial.

    • TrentC

      I was pleasantly surprised with the opening episode. Stayed true to what I remember and was interesting.

      After the comments from the podcasters about Travolta I did chuckle a couple of times watching him…they were bang on about his voice.

      • Ali B

        reminded me of someone doing a Richard Nixon impression? His presence is very distracting, seemed like his eyebrows had their own stage directions. Poor old JT.

        • TrentC

          I think Rob and the guys were implying Dr Evil? With that thought in mind I could barely watch the scenes he was in without giggling a little. And now thanks to you I will have to avoid his eyebrows 🙂

          • Ali B

            I don’t think it’s possible to avoid the eyebrows. They follow you around the room.

          • TrentC

            The scariest thing is if you look at older pictures of Shapiro, he does have those wild caterpillar eyebrows!

            Second episode was good and in fairness to Travolta, he has toned it down a bit. The Dr Evil cadence in his speech has lessened. Now he’s channeling the ego and (lack of) talent of Robert Shapiro.

  • Sean LaBua

    Ryan Murphy already announced that season 2 will be about Hurricane Katrina.

    • Sean LaBua

      Oops, I posted too soon! You guys mentioned it right after I wrote that.

  • Sean LaBua

    Maybe they could eventually do a George Zimmerman season

  • Lance Davis

    The phrase “The Juice Is Loose” took on a whole new connotation starting in 1994 during the infamous Ford Bronco chase fiasco when you compare that vs. O.J.’s prime playing days in the NFL during 1970s.

  • Tammy L. Nelson

    I was in my early 30’s. I’m a couple, three years younger than Nicole was.

    I followed the whole thing very intently. I had an almost encyclopedic knowledge of all of it. But, years have passed and I need a brush up course.

    Robert Kardashian and OJ were very good friends. Before Kris and Nicole. I think Kris said she met OJ, at 16.(with Robert) The thing is, the four of them were like family. They vacationed together, did everything together. Kris said she screwed up and regretted what ended the marriage. Bruce came around much later.

    It was much more complicated than Kris’ best friend was murdered and the suspect was Robert’s best friend. The four of them had a close, family like relationship history. As far as the kids, they were just that, kids! To even think it was this trial that kick started the “fame”, is ridiculous IMO

    Kato was a good friend of Nicole’s. I want to say they met in Aspen. He needed a place to live and Nicole let him move into her guesthouse. I think he babysat for rent. Nicole lived at 323? Gretna Green then. (that’s where the famous 911 call came from) “I don’t want to stay on the phone, he’s going to beat the shit out of me”

    When Nicole bought the condo at 875 S Bundy, Kato was going to come with and just have a spare room there. OJ did not want that, so he offered Kato a room in his guesthouse for free. Nicole felt so betrayed that she cut Kato out.