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Once Upon a Time, Season 4 Episode 15 Recap | Poor Unfortunate Soul

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Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and Curt Clark (@CurtClark), back from a trip to the sea shanty karaoke bar, recap season 4 episode 15 of Once Upon a Time, “Poor Unfortunate Soul.”

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  • Craig

    Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I just got done watching the episode, and I think this one was the best episode of the season including the first half Frozen ark.

    The #ursula (did they really need this hashtag? It popped up like 3 times in the episode) story was so compelling and interesting. Ursula went from being the weakest in terms of story and character of the Queens of Darkness to being great. It’s too bad that her story is likely done now. I found out how Stella got her groove back, and now I know how Ursula got her singing voice back.

    The scenes with August were also great. His scenes were so suspenseful that I couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen.

    That scene with Regina taking over Mary’s body to give the message to the gang was really creepy, but in a good way. I do wonder though why Regina chose Mary.

    It was nice to see Ariel back. Hopefully this will mean that she is going to be seen more on the show in future episodes. Anna Garcia Swisher is really good in that role.

    One thing I do have to pick on though is the release of The Jolly Rodger from the bottle. Ursula dropped the potion on the bottle, yet when the ship appeared it was not in the bottle. Would it have really been that hard to find something to cut the end of the bottle, get the ship out, and then use the potion?

    Well I think that is enough of my ramblings. I know I should have probably listened to the podcast first but I couldn’t wait to post my thoughts on this wonderful, dare I say magical episode. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode as much as I did.

    • Mike Bloom

      Hey Craig! I won’t spoil too much, but Curt and I both really enjoyed the episode. I would personally say it’s the strongest since the penultimate episode of the last half-season. I felt for the first time in a while the flashbacks really held some weight, and there was a lot of narrative packed in this episode. My only qualm is that there were some choices at the end that were admittedly hokey and a little nonsensical. But I still had a great time watching it!

      • Matt The Golem

        Hokey?! What I like about this show is how cheesy it can be – while also holding on to a more ‘serious’ tone for some of the characters’ arcs. In fact Ernie Hudson played the part of Poseidon with a lot more restraint than I expected. And, I didn’t even think about something until listening to the podcast: if they have to go through the door and into the book, it could approach a Grant Morrison type of plot line with the characters on the show coming to the mind-blowing realization that they are characters in a book.

  • John Johnson

    This is only the second I’ve listed to this podcast, but I’m hoping you guys make one for Vikings on History…I really only watch Survivor, this show and Vikings now sooo someone has to cover it too right?

  • misha

    i read triton is the messenger of the sea