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Once Upon A Time, Season 4 Episode 5 Recap | Breaking Glass

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Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and Curt Clark (@curtclark) recap episode 5 of the fourth Once Upon A Time season, “Breaking Glass”.

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  • Erin Kerr Rooks

    I always thought Regina’s magic was purple. So, I thought the red was fire too.

    When Emma and Hook saw that video of the snow queen and paused it, I got a major LOST vibe. That confusion mixed with realization mixed with more confusion. Anyone else get that?

    In other news, I hated the flashbacks too. Lily seemed pointless unless they bring her back.

    • True…maybe Emma was watching some old footage of LOST that someone had recorded by pointing the camcorder at a TV. 🙂 I like that!

  • Jessica Frey

    I really wish you watched wonderland because will isn’t looking for a backpack. Most likely he is looking for a looking glass so he can get back to wonderland. He got to wonderland via a looking glass the first time. He also could be looking for his sack to put his heart in because he won’t to get rid of it again. Or the white rabbit digs rabbit holes so he is trying to dig his own hole to get back to wonderland. We need Robin to see will scarlett

    And it’s pretty common knowledge that once is doing the half season format

    Also curt how could you know like the emma flashback she is a main character and we haven’t got that many. This flashback was important to show how emma against doesn’t teust ppl. She never has friends and here is why.


    • 1) The creators of Once Upon a Time can’t count on everyone having seen Survivor: Wonderland, so we are viewing it from the perspective of those who didn’t. #Spoilers.

      2) Not so common that I didn’t know. #LowestCommonDenominator

      3) Because the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze.

  • Narborg

    Question: do mayors really have the power to pardon crime in the US? Because I’m pretty sure they don’t here.

    • For certain violations of municipal ordinances, the Mayor of Washington, DC has the power to pardon. Because Government.

      • Narborg

        So only the Mayors of DC and Storybrooke have that power?