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Once Upon A Time, Season 4 Episode 9 Recap | Fall

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Which Once Upon a Time character acts like a dinosaur? Find out in this week’s recap of episode 9, “Fall”, with Curt Clark (@CurtClark) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType).

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  • Axed84

    Just did a little bit of research on the Wishing Star necklace, and it seems that we don’t know a whole lot about it. Timeline-wise we would have to assume that Elsa and Anna’s parents bought it from Blackbeard during an earlier trip to Mist Haven than the one that ended with their shipwreck, because otherwise there’s no way that it would have made its way back to Arendelle. Elsa gave it to Anna in the season premiere after also giving her their mother’s wedding dress, and it’s in this same episode that they discover the diary that Anna later mentions reading about the Wishing Star in. I’m kind of hoping that their mother’s message in a bottle clears up some details surrounding the Wishing Star, as it’s a little curious that they (theoretically) had the necklace in Arendelle for quite some time without ever mentioning it to the princesses. They sought this thing out and then presumably couldn’t use it because they weren’t pure of heart, but then what? They just gave up? Things that I’m left wondering are when did the royals actually buy it from Blackbeard, and for what reason if not to free Elsa from her powers?

    UPDATE: Okay, now I’m confused. I was just looking at a recap of the season premiere on, and it has this to say about the necklace:

    “Back in Arendelle of the past, Elsa shows Anna their mother’s dress. She creates a necklace with her signature snowflake and gives it to Anna.”

    If this is in fact what happened (I can’t remember off the top of my head, and I’m at work and unable to re-watch the episode) then how in the heck is that necklace the Wishing Star? Unless it’s NOT the Wishing Star that the royals bought from Blackbeard, and it only acted as a makeshift Wishing Star because…of reasons. And magic. And the unbreakable bond of sisterly love.

    • Rick Marshall

      When Elsa hands Anna the wedding dress, Elsa says “it’s missing something”, and the next thing you see is the necklace in Elsa’s hand. It appears she just created it, though there are no musical cues or special effects to show that (she could just as easily have pulled it out of her sleeve). On the other hand, she then refers to it as “something new” to go along with the wedding dress, which would be “something borrowed”, so that reinforces the idea that she just created it.

      • Axed84

        Hmm, interesting. If it’s not the same Wishing Star that their parents bought from Blackbeard then I wonder if the fact that she’s able to tap into Emma’s light magic via the yellow ribbons has anything to do with the necklace granting her wish to have her sister with her again.

        • Rick Marshall

          Okay, upon further review, I think I have this figured out. As I mentioned above, Elsa was not actually shown creating the necklace in the first episode of the season. It was basically just shown in her hand, and as I mentioned above, she could have easily just pulled it out of her sleeve. She did, however, specifically refer to it as “something new”, which would make you think she created it.
          In Sunday’s episode, Elsa says to Emma about the necklace “This was my present to Anna for her wedding. It was among my mother’s things, but to us it was new. I turned it into the last gift I ever gave her.”
          So clearly the necklace originated with their parents,

  • Jessica Frey

    Figured out the heart problem on once:

    Poor hook- he can’t tell emma because rumple always his heart which is in contrast to graham in which Regina kept the heart in her vault so she wasn’t constantly controlling it