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Once Upon a Time, Season 5 Episode 12 Recap | Souls of the Departed

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Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and Curt Clark (@CurtClark) get the clock hand moving as they cover the midseason premiere, episode 12, of Once Upon a Time season 5.

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  • Ori Kohav

    Nice take, guys.
    A few comments, though:

    – You seem to have forgotten about the first time we ever saw Wonderland in the show. Season 1 episode 17. In the flashback of this episode, Regina requested the mad hatter (aka Jefferson) to get her to Wonderland to retrieve a box, which later turns out to have held her father, who she then fed with a resizing mushroom to get him back to his normal size, escape Wonderland, and leave the mad hatter trapped in (due to the hat’s rule that the number of people entering must be the number of people leaving). From that episode I was wondering how did King Henry exactly get into that box and end in Cora’s hands, and now I finally got the answer.

    – I think we’re gonna see more of Prince James. His only previous appearances were his death scene, and his prank on the giants in the Jacqueline (Jack) and the Beanstalk episode, and it didn’t seem like he even knew he has a brother, and then when he told Snow “I can see why my brother likes you”, I realized that he actually knew about his brother. There is the option that someone in the underworld told him, but I think it’s more likely that we’re gonna see a flashback of when he finds out about his brother, and it has a lot to do with his unfinished business. We might even see King George again. (I don’t expect any contractual problems, since James and David are characters of the same actor)

    – Nice Harry Potter reference with the pit, though I actually had a different reference to it. The 12th Dragon Ball Z movie, called “Fusion Reborn”. In the beginning of it, you see King Yama going through each soul’s contract, and deciding who goes where. “heavens, heavens, hell, hell, heavens, hell”. Also, the villain of that movie, Janenba, was created due to some kind of a soul overload, which is a fitting reference to Hades, who want to keep in as many souls as possible. Janenba is then defeated by Gogeta, a Goku-Vegeta fusion, which makes me think about Hades being beaten by some teamwork between 2 rivals. Not necessarily a fusion. Just some force combination, like Emma and Regina did at the end of season 2 to prevent that Storybrooke-reverse process.

    – I don’t think we’re gonna see a soul “saved” in each episode. I think it’s more like testing one or more trapped souls on how they finish their business. I’m definitely prepared to see which souls end in hell instead of heavens. My current guess to who is Cruella and Pan.

    #SortingPit #SlytherinVsGryffindor #SalazarVsGodric

    I also expect we’ll see more of Pan, and that his unfinished business would be either about how he first got to Neverland, or about his love, Rumpelstiltskin’s mother (or both).

    • Yes, we completely missed the boat (HA!) on the “Rescue of King Henry” from Season 1. We plowed through three seasons in less than two months, though…so please forgive the mental slippage!

      And I agree with you…seeing more James and Pan makes sense. And would also be welcome, in my mind.