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Once Upon a Time, Season 5 Episode 14 Recap | Devil’s Due

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Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and Curt Clark (@CurtClark) are as happy as a tipped gravestone to talk about season 5, episode 14 of Once Upon a Time, “Devil’s Due”!

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  • Ori Kohav

    Nice take, guys 🙂
    and I agree, it does seem like Hades can’t directly control the living souls, which is why he needs Gold.
    I actually gave a thought about it, and I have some other theory:

    Last week it was mentioned that there are more gods in addition to Hades. I think each god has some abilities in influencing souls in their realm, but if it’s on souls that don’t belong in their realm, then it’s kinda “forwarded” to at least one other god so he can deal with it. I think Hades is hiding from the ruling god (most likely Zeus) some “illegal actions”, like trapping living souls in his realm, and preventing souls who finished their business from leaving his realm (hence the existence of this creepy river). I think this season will end with Hades being punished for his “illegal actions”, right before the heroes go back to the “overworld”.
    I also think it has a strong connection to the Author role. Going back to season 4b, the author could initially only record events, so how did he get the ability to manipulate events? My guess, Isaac Heller (the previous author) made a deal with Hades that ended up trapping a powerful living soul within the pen. It could qualify as another “illegal actions” from Hades.

    What I’m really wondering is why Hades insists on keeping as many souls as possible in his realm. I won’t be surprised if we see a flashback of his backstory that answers that.

    Also, about the stuffed animals, I think it’s more of a reference to the flashback in season 4b of Snow getting a vision of Emma crushing her heart, from a unicorn, which led to the tragedy Maleficent losing her child.


    • Mike Bloom

      Interesting theory! We really are moving so quickly that I definitely think we will get some sort of gods/Mount Olympus flashback, sort of like what they did with Ingrid two thirds of the way through season 4A. Maybe Zeus is the powerful being that’s trapped in the pen? I wouldn’t be surprised at this rate.

      And as much as I’m all for scientific accuracy, I feel like Hades will perennially have blue hair since that’s the show’s sort of nod to the original Disney character. Though maybe he’ll really channel Dragonball Z and have different forms, who knows.

      Thanks so much for your great feedback as always. Curt and I are very appreciative of it!

  • Craig

    Just a correction Mike, Anakin killed the younglings in Episode III of Star Wars, not episode II. Fact checked!

    Also, what’s Survivor? JK.