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Once Upon a Time, Season 5 Episode 17 Recap | Her Handsome Hero

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Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and Curt Clark (@CurtClark) serve up episode 17 of Once Upon a Time on a silver platter, along with a decaying flower.

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  • Ori Kohav

    I like your new theory part, and I’m definitely open to some more theories. Especially those about season 6. It’s really hard for me to think of what could possibly be there after all this crazy storyline.

    A few more points:
    – I think the ogre war is one extremely long war, since when Rumpelstiltskin hurt himself and officially became the village coward was more than a hundred years before he even met Belle, way before she was even born.
    – Looking back at season 1 episode 12, Maurice didn’t really sell Belle to Rumpelstiltskin. She went with him voluntarily. This week’s episode gave an even better explanation to it. She also said on that same episode that she wouldn’t love someone as superficial as Gaston. And to add some spice into it, Gaston was right there hearing her say that, only he was a flower, so he couldn’t really react to it. It’s so funny that both the show and the Disney version gave same conclusion of “what if Gaston was smart?” (
    – Still not sure how Ruby gets to the Underworld, but there are 2 tales of her that I’m hoping to revisit this season. One is about Peter, her boyfriend, who she unknowingly killed right before she discovered she’s a werewolf. The other one is about her mother, who is not only another werewolf, but also the leader of a werewolf pack.
    – Arthur taking over Storybrooke still sounds very unlikely, because he could hardly handle anything even with Zelena’s help. Plus there are the fairies, the dwarfs, Lily and Maleficent, not to mention the possibility of Lancelot coming back with some cure to the effect of the Sands of Avalon that were introduced in season 5 episode 4 (can’t wait to see Guinevere’s reaction if that happens), plus Violet might turn on him after realizing his true face, with some help from Henry. Though I think it would be amusing to see him try.

    #RumpelsBabyBackRibs #OnceOnceUponUponAATimeTime

    • Mike Bloom

      Thanks so much for thoughts as always, Ori! As to who Gaston’s “friend” is, I’m actually pretty sure he said Lefou, who was his short, squat little sidekick from the movie. Maybe they were trying to do here what they did the first time they introduced Gaston in just putting in an Easter egg for fans of the film.


    Enjoy the podcast … many thoughtful insights about ONCE.

    THIS LINK is to the best most accurate time line that I have found for OUAT … I think you might find it helpful for your show.

    • Mike Bloom

      This is perfect, thanks so much! This will certainly come in handy, not only for the order of events but how they contextualize in terms of “how long ago did X occur before Y”.

  • evilroy

    the Seer in season 2ish could see the future and I think Rumple took her powers in the whole “the boy will be your undoing”” arch and I guess Emma had the power of all the Dark ones at one point which would include that no? Not sure why she would still have it but I think she must have once had the power to see the future