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Once Upon a Time, Season 5 Episode 18 Recap | Ruby Slippers

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Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and Curt Clark (@CurtClark) dig into some under(world)cooked chicken and waffles as they recap episode 18 of Once Upon a Time.

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  • Craig

    *I am making this comment before I listen to the podcast.

    By what I have seen, this episode is the most talked about OUAT episode in a while and one of the most talked about episodes in the shows history. I must say I was disappointed with the revelation that Ruby is Dorothy’s true love because when I heard that Jamie Chung was going to be reprising her role as Mulan I wanted it to be her. I know Mulan is in love with Aurora, but I just have a feeling they are not going to be able to get Sarah Bolger back to play her, so I wish it could have been Mulan so that her story line could be closed up nicely.

    • Ori Kohav

      I think Mulan will get her true love eventually. Either with a new character, or with Merida or Elsa.

    • Mike Bloom

      We talk about both Mulan not being involved in the relationship and possible mates for her in the podcast. Not to spoil too much, but I definitely agree with your thoughts, but my sadness about Mulan is alleviated a bit by us finally getting some resolution on Ruby’s storyline.

      • Craig

        Ok, finished the podcast.

        When it comes to Ruby’s absence for a little while, that was mainly due to Meghan
        Ory being casted on the CBS show “Intelligence”. I’m sure they would
        have had her on more if not for that, since Ruby is one of the better
        minor characters in the show. I don’t feel this is the end for Ruby’s on the show. I think there is so much more they can do with her and so much more they want to do with her. Ory really does a great job with the character.

        What do you mean Canada doesn’t exist. Are you saying that the Vancouver
        area and Canada in general has been replaced as Storybrook, Maine?

        I hope we can get a resolve for Mulan. I’m worried now that we might not due to the fact that the show has now played the lesbian card with Ruby and Dorothy. I hope they do, because Mulan unrequited love has really been a long gestating story in the show. Also, I got to cheer for Jamie Chung, who is probably the most successful former reality star when it comes to actually developing an acting career.

        • Mike Bloom

          Hey Craig! Thanks for your thoughts. A few points:

          Yeah, we knew about Meghan Ory’s absence for the previous seasons. I’m just confused that, after “Intelligence” tanked very quickly, why did it take the show almost a year and a half to bring her back? I agree that she’s a fantastic character, so it made me sad when they spent the bulk of season 4 in Storybrooke and they didn’t decide to have her back.

          Definitely a misappropriated comment on my part with regards to Canada. I had meant to say that the only place Canada exists is our world (AKA the World Without Magic). Though Storybrooke is apparently so large it might as well take up the landmass of Canada (except Vancouver, since that’s where Neal went to ditch Emma).

          Totally agree about Jamie, especially as a big fan of The Real World: San Diego back in the day. Hopefully they find a reason to tie Mulan back in. Who knows, maybe she went with Snow back to Storybrooke since her traveling companion is now romantically involved. It’s ironic that of all the Regina/Zelena talk about not getting their happy endings, Mulan’s probably the most in line to suffer that fate.

  • Ori Kohav

    Fun as usual listening to you guys 🙂
    Also, I have to confess, when I first heard the rumor about an LGBT relationship, I thought it would be Peter Pan and Rufio (who was mentioned in season 3 episode 2 to be killed by Hook). Maybe it will happen eventually.

    and a few other comments/theories:
    – About the tracking spell, it did kinda make sense in season 3B, because first of all, it wasn’t really Ariel. It was Zelena, disguised as Ariel, right before she casted a spell on Hook’s lips that would remove Emma’s magic once he kisses her. Second of all, Ariel did travel between Neverland and Storybrooke through the water, so the tracking spell bringing the cape in the water does make sense. What I’m wondering is what hidden portal did Ruby go through to reach the Underworld. I believe it’s something that will either be left a mystery, or answered in season 6.
    – Let’s not forget that the graves of Snow, Emma and Regina were artificially created by Hades, so their marks don’t say much. Hook’s trick looks like it only works on artificial graves, and not on actual graves created by someone’s death.
    – We all know what happens to a dead soul that falls into the river, but what happens if a living soul falls in there? I think that’s the way to free dead souls from there, and that could be the freedom of Aunt Em and/or Milah (hopefully not Gaston, because I couldn’t stand him).
    – Speaking of the river, and going back to the punishment of Hades for his illegal actions, I think he’ll have a taste of his own medicine, by falling into the river, and be trapped by the lost souls forever, just like in the movie, only he obviously won’t be punched into the river. I think he’ll be banished there either by his father or by another god, most likely Zeus.
    – Also about graves, I think there’s a big difference between souls thrown to hell and souls thrown to the river. It makes sense since it’s the first time we see a grave any crack on it. My guess right now is that the souls in the river would have their grave only partially cracked (like Aunt Em’s grave), whereas the souls in hell have their grave cracked all over.
    – I’m honestly surprised of the confusion to Snow’s return to Storybrooke. They had the slippers, so it’s simple enough. Ruby gives the slippers to Snow, 3 taps, and boom, Snow is back in Storybrooke.
    – The theory of Zelena being the savior makes a lot of sense (not surprised it can from Jessica). Maybe Zelena will be the one to banish Hades into the river, and take his place as the Underworld ruler, only as someone who helps the souls finish their business, instead of constantly tormenting them like Hades did.


  • Ori Kohav

    One more thing that suddenly jumped in my mind (the rest of my points are in my spam-marked comment, and in the FB thread of this discussion).
    If you’re following the spin-off “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”, you might have thought about the only main character there who died, Lizard. Any thought on another Wonderland spin-off for the Underworld, or a mention of it in the show? Lizard definitely has some unfinished business with the Knave, aka Will Scarlett.
    Speaking of Scarlett, he might also be an unfinished business of Cora.

    • No spin-offs, please. #FearTheOnceUponATime

      • Craig

        Hey, in this episode they said that Dorothy’s family tried to commit her, just like Alice’s family in OUATW.

        • Ori Kohav

          In that case, Mulan is like the Knave in this reference, which may also mean she has a historical lover she’s yet to reunite with. Just a thought.

  • Dayna

    Since ever since the second curse , Prince Charming and Snow White share a heart, if one of thems name were written on the tombstone wouldn’t both of them have to stay? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • Mike Bloom

      Great question! The mechanics of sharing a heart are a still a bit open-ended, but I feel like they’re more prominent now considering this was Emma’s big plan to save Hook. We’ll definitely bring this up next week.

  • Kathie

    Just for a second I thought they were going to have Toto give Dorothy her kiss. That’s unconditional love, there! 🙂