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Once Upon a Time, Season 5 Episode 19 Recap | Sisters

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After accidentally drinking some Lethe-tainted water, Mike Bloom and Curt Clark try to recap episode 19 of Once Upon a Time.

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  • Ori Kohav

    Cool take, as always.
    A few more points:

    If you’ll re-watch season 2 episode 16 (titled “The miller’s daughter”), you’ll see that Cora was so heartless to her audghters because she was… well, heartless. She tore out her own heart because she thought it weakened her. Obviously her change of heart came when she got her heart back, and died a few seconds after.

    Also, she was down there for a long enough time to probably finish her other businesses, specifically Daniel, who we know is in heavens now. She had her heart back right before her death, so she obviously had enough of a motive for her other businesses.

    I don’t think Lily’s father is a dragon. Her dragon transformation obviously came from her mother, who already transformed several times into a dragon.

    As for Cruella’s unfinished business, it’s gonna be either her mother, the 3 fathers she had, or Isaac Heller, the previous author. Clearly she can’t redeem herself like Cora did if she can’t reach any of them.

    and another theory that jumped in my mind that might be revealed in a future season. As you remember, in season 3 episode 5, Killian and Liam were on a mission to recover a healing herb that turns out to be a nearly incurable poison. What if the producers add a bit of a Pocahontas 2 into it, of the king sending his troop to missions that are “unholy”, but he thinks are okay due to lies fed to him by Governor Ratcliffe?


    • While I also don’t think Lily’s dad is a dragon, didn’t Maleficent confirm that her dad was at least in Dragon form when Lily was conceived? The problem being that Maleficent wouldn’t be able to recognize her dad in a more human form because they got it on as dragons?

      Characters taking animal form to mate sounds a lot like what the classic Greek Gods got off on back in the day, which kind of supports a fan theory I ran into on the internet that perhaps Hades is Lily’s dad. If that is the case, then perhaps I was wrong and Lily’s dad IS in the Underworld!

      Of course, this would have had to have been before he had his heart taken out by Zeus. And he is acting an awful lot like Zelena is his first love…unless that’s all an act and the reason he wants to get back to the Overworld is to get back with Maleficent and his daughter…

      So many possibilities!

      • Ori Kohav

        I don’t remember Maleficent confirming Lily’s dad was a dragon. Maybe I need some enlightening to which episode it was in. All I know is that Maleficent doesn’t know who Lily’s father is. At least that’s what Lily said in the last episode of season 4. Most likely someone removed Maleficent’s memory of that father.

        As for Hades being the father, this makes sense, though I’m more leaning to it being another god.
        If the Hades being the father theory is because of Lily’s “dark” decisions, we got another explanation to it already. Isaac, the previous author, manipulated the apprentice to transfer every darkness Emma had to Lily’s egg, right before it got transported to “our” world.

        • Mike Bloom

          This is the conversation Lily and Emma had in the last episode of season 4:
          “Lily: It’s a piece of the egg I was hatched from. It’s also the only clue I have as to who my father is.
          Emma: Have you asked your mother?
          Lily: She doesn’t know either.
          Emma: What?
          Lily: It’s a dragon thing. You know, it happened in dragon form.”

          So there could be a possibility that maybe Maleficent’s memory was wiped and she was told it was from a dragon, but that conversation seemed to allude to the fact that her conception happened between two dragons. I don’t know if I want to think about if it was the result of dragon and something else…

          • Ori Kohav

            Maybe Eddie and Adam would just make it that way, but knowing how they like expanding stories, they might make the father more than just a dragon.
            Either it’s another sorcerer who can become a dragon, or her memory was indeed wiped. It’s hard to believe that a whole dragon and a half dragon would produce someone who was born as mostly a human.

          • Thank you for hunting that down, Mike. Glad I wasn’t making it up!

            I try not to think about author’s intent when analyzing these things. Too meta for me. Unless it’s Henry or Isaac. But even back when we were discussing what we were looking forward to in Season 5, I was looking forward to finding out who Lily’s dad was…and my assumption had always been that it was someone in dragonform…not a dragon. That would be like Ruby transforming into wolf form only to get it on with another wolf, as opposed to another werewolf. Possible, but tacky. 🙂

  • Craig

    Hey guys, great podcasting again.

    Thanks for pointing out that the younger Regina was young Rebecca Bunch from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Mike. I knew I saw her somewhere before but I couldn’t place it.

    Ironically, the plot line to this episode that love is a weakness is very similar to the main plot in the movie Huntsman: Winter’s War, which was released in the same weekend. In that movie, The Ice Queen views love as a weak and cruel thing that she has to save the Huntsman children from.

    Also, during the fight between David and James, was I the only one who had to rewind to the point when David comes in and they begin to fight just to see what was different about their clothing? I thought for a few seconds we were going to have a situation where David was actually the one who died, and James was going to fake being him for a few weeks. I knew it was David after the rewind, but I was still hoping that as they were walking away from the pier David just turned around and looked into the camera with glowing yellow eyes just to add doubt ala Thriller.

  • ShirlCollison

    Thoughtful commentary . BTW , if someone is wanting to merge some PDF files , my husband found piece here