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Once Upon a Time, Season 5 Episode 21 Recap | Last Rites

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Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and Curt Clark (@CurtClark) wear their best black to honor both the fallen and risen as they recap episode 21 of Once Upon a Time.

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  • Ori Kohav

    Still listening, guys, but I do feel like repeating my explanation of Cora moving on, just to clarify that moving on isn’t that cheap.
    First of all, Cora was so heartless to her daughters because she was… well, heartless. She tore out her own heart because she thought it weakened her (flashback in season 2 episode 16). Obviously her change of heart came when she got her heart back, and died a few seconds after. Second of all, she was down there for a long enough time to probably finish her other businesses, specifically Daniel, who we know is in heavens now. She had her heart back right before her death, so she obviously had enough of a motive for her other businesses.

    • Mike Bloom

      I can totally see where you’re coming from looking at Cora’s overall arc. I just kind of wished that the writers would have pointed that out to make her redemption make more sense. If that’s what they were going for, I feel like they made some pretty base assumptions about what fans remember about Cora, considering she hasn’t been on the show outside of flashbacks in three years.

      So do you think Hook was BSing or being facetious when he told Arthur that helping him could be the “one hell of a good deed” to get him out of the Underworld? Because dude lied to an entire kingdom of people, hypnotized his wife, and killed people on (and presumably off) camera. Methinks helping Hook find some book pages wouldn’t necessarily outweigh all the bad he’s done.

      • Ori Kohav

        Well Hook did make up for most of his sins already when he was alive and helping the heroes on their quests, and he did fix the damage he did to Ursula.
        Also, finding those pages did ultimately prevent Hades from causing more chaos, which is what was holding him down there after Emma left. He also managed to kinda return Arthur’s attitude to what it was before he pulled out the Excalibur, which is also huge.

        Hopefully we’ll also see Arthur somehow finish his businesses. I have a feeling Camelot and Merida’s father aren’t his only unfinished businesses.

        • Mike Bloom

          Oh yeah Hook’s redemption is totally understandable. I was moreso speaking about whether you think Arthur would have been able to ascend after helping Hook. His personality definitely resembled an Arthur we hadn’t seen since pulling Excalibur, but I don’t know if Mount Olympus would open its columns to him at that moment, considering he had a lot to atone for IMO.

  • Ori Kohav

    Just finished listening.

    I honestly expected Zelena to name her baby after Marian.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Hook’s resurrection was as a reward for preventing Hades from causing too much chaos, or just a temporary revival to stop Gold from doing whatever he plans on doing.

    • Mike Bloom

      I hadn’t thought about Hook possibly getting brought down as a way to stop Gold. Perhaps Zeus has the power of foresight and knew Hook and Emma combined were the best chance of preventing Gold?

      Thanks as always for your listen and thoughts, Ori!

      • Ori Kohav

        No problem 🙂

        Either Zeus has that foresight power, or he just heard it from one of the fates.
        I think production already included one of the fates in the series, specifically that red-haired witch from a season 2 flashback who told Rumpelstiltskin about a boy (Henry) who will be his undoing.

        • Mike Bloom

          Bringing the fates/seers back in would be an interesting way to end the season. In a way, Gold will have then gotten “screwed over” twice by a fate!

  • Dayna

    Off season podcast idea: cast survivor with ouat characters. You could do a alive vs dead vs whatever Robin is season…..