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Once Upon a Time, Season 5 Finale Recap | Only You & An Untold Story

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Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and Curt Clark (@CurtClark), after losing their life savings on fountain wishes, come together to talk about the season finale of Once Upon a Time.
Curt and Mike will once again be recording a listener feedback show for the season! Please send us your thoughts, questions, and theories about the Underworld, season 5, the upcoming season 6, and anything else under the sun. The guys will get back together near the end of May to break down your feedback!

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  • Dayna

    Off season podcast idea: cast a game of survivor with ouat characters. Some ideas for seasons: Living vs Dead vs whatever Robin Hood is or Actual fairy tale characters vs Dr Jeckl and Mr Hide (you could even throw in Frankenstein)

    • Rebecca34

      I like the Survivor idea. But would they still have magic? And if they did how would you split up the various magic wielders to make the challenges fair? Is blackmail allowed? Because Regina could easily win by taking Belle’s heart again and forcing Gold throw all the challenges.

  • FormerMissSmith

    At the end of the first season, what Mr Gold dropped down the well brought magic back, it didn’t take it away.

    • Mike Bloom

      Thanks for the clarification, my thinking was completely backwards on that! That substantiates Gold’s “Storybrooke has had no magic for 28 years, it’s fine”

  • Rebecca34

    I was disappointed when The Evil Queen walked in at the end of the finale and I wonder if we would all be more excited for season six right now if it had been Golden Crocodile Rumple who showed up instead. This would also mean that the uncursed Spinner Rumple would be able to wake up Belle. Plus no character in Once is as entertaining as Golden Rumple, not even the Evil Queen and it would make more sense, given the whole Belle situation, for Rumple to split himself than for Regina to suddenly decide that being guilty over all the bad stuff she did just wasn’t fun anymore and gee if I could only kill my dark side that would make everything better.

  • Rebecca34

    Another possible off-season discussion could be about which character is the most evil or a countdown of the most evil things ever done on Once. There are so many to chose from! Regina killing Graham in season one. Zelena killing Maid Marian and masquerading as her in season four. Charming and Snow tossing Maleficent’s egg through a portal.The writers murdering Baelfire in season three…

  • Kevin129

    Off-season discussion: I have listened to almost every episode and I don’t believe you guys have touched on the subject of Once Upon a Time being so closely similar to Bill Willingham’s Fables. Have either of you read the series? If not, I strongly suggest it if you have time. Having just recently finished the run, it is almost too much to look past the similarities between the two franchises; fictional characters outcast from their own worlds, hiding out in their own community from the real world citizens, Snow White is one of few major characters, and (SPOILER ALERT) yes there is even a character who can control situations with a magical pen. I would love to hear your thoughts on the two takes of a similar story, if you have opinions. Love the podcasts and can’t wait for the discussion episode.

  • Rachel Koeper

    I have a question for the feedback show:
    Robert Louis Stevens is the author of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. He also wrote Treasure Island do you think it could be one of the unfinished stories explored in season 6?