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Once Upon a Time, Season 6 Episode 1 Recap | The Savior

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Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and Curt Clark (@CurtClark) ride in on their magic carpet and dirigible, respectively, to recap the premiere episode of Once Upon a Time’s sixth season.

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  • Ori Kohav

    hehehe I missed you guys 🙂

    I think that young “oracle” was only a minion of either the Evil Queen, Hyde, or whoever is the ultimate villain, and that even that whole vision was only a small part of what’s really gonna happen. That girl was just sent to say that to make Emma lose hope, which seems to be the main strategy of villains on this show.
    I also think that every savior ends up dying in a noble way. Most likely, sacrificing itself to save its friends and/or banish whatever’s threatening the realm.
    Back in season 4 episode 15, after Ursula got her happy ending, she said that even with the author, the villains can’t get what they want when there’s a savior in the way, so obviously there’s more than just some mere new villain to get rid of a savior.

    Another thing that crossed my mind. Could there be at least SOME connection between the Jafars? Not necessarily being the same person, but perhaps some blood-relation, or one named after the other?

  • Kathie

    Good to have you guys back! 🙂
    I agree it’s kind of fishy that “Morpheus” turned out to be Gold-Belle-baby-to-be and had such a completely formed anti-Gold agenda. Something doesn’t add there…
    Also I am SO glad you mentioned the Emma “oh something is up can’t tell can’t tell!” trope. Again? Again with “oh, nothing” and everyone buys it again? UGH… that was my only real disappointment with the episode.
    It will definitely be interesting to see how it goes if the season truly isn’t broken up into halves for story purposes this time!

  • Rebecca34

    I would also prefer Emma to be married…to Baelfire.

    Seriously though, if Hook is the way the show wants to go,
    just get them married already.

  • Rebecca34

    I know I should be used to the pain by now, but the Rumbelle dream scene gave me so much hope and joy and then they took it all away and drove a fresh blade through my heart for good measure. At this point the next time Belle comes back to Gold (and we all know she will), I’d rather see him spit in her eye than go groveling back to that crazy (possibly brain-damaged from all the bashings on the head she’s gotten over the seasons) woman.