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Once Upon a Time, Season 6 Episode 11 Recap | Tougher Than the Rest

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Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and Curt Clark (@CurtClark) take the sturdy tree that is the Once Upon a Time midseason premiere, and carve from it a podcast. In addition to discussing the episode, they also bid adieu to OUAT coverage on Post Show Recaps, giving their thoughts on the series up to this point, as well as what’s to come on the horizon, both near and far.
Mike and Curt would like to thank all the listeners profusely for the support during these two and a half seasons of podcasting. They look forward to still talking all things OUAT with you all on social media! Like Snow and Charming, we will always find each other.
  • Ori Kohav

    It’s been a while, guys. Very refreshing.
    I hope you can somehow get back to discussing this show in the future.

    Also, one little note about Belle, it wasn’t just in the wish-realm that she was captured. The flashback of season 2 episode 11 ends with her being captured by the evil queen, and she’s shown as a prisoner in another flashback of Hook right before the dark curse. So obviously she was trapped in the queen’s cell through all those like 30 years, which is more than enough to be reduced to just a few semi-crumbled bones instead of a whole skeleton.

    I’m also still sticking to me previous theory that “The Dragon” is the father of both Lily and Mulan.

    • We’ll be sure to correct all our mistakes from this and previous episodes in our next podcast.

      • Rick Marshall

        But from what we hear, there won’t be a next podcast. I’m really disappointed that you and Mike won’t be doing the show any more, though I realize it probably wasn’t your decision. I’m surprised there was no apparent attempt to survey listeners of the podcast before dropping it so abruptly. Normally a decision like this would be made at the end of the season – dropping a podcast like this mid-season is really strange. It’s also odd that we haven’t heard anything from Rob about this on either of his websites. I kind of think he owes it to his fans to explain why he is summarily dropping the podcast of a well-liked show so abruptly.

        • Mike Bloom

          I know Rob has made the rationale clear to the patrons of RHAP, but I don’t know if I’m liable to release that information to the public, nor would I want to possible mangle his message or intentions. But I would suggest reaching out to him at [email protected] if you want to speak with him more about it, I’m sure he’d be happy to listen!

          • Rick Marshall

            Thanks for the suggestion, Mike. I have emailed Rob about this and look forward to his response.

  • Rebecca34

    I’m sorry to hear that they podcast is ending. I guess that means I’m down to just one Once Upon a Time podcast again. If anyone out there is looking for a replacement for this podcast then I’ll join Mike and Curt in recommending ‘Once podcast’ which is the best one out there and I’ve listened to most of them at least once or twice upon a time.
    Thank you to Mike and Curt for podcasting about OUAT for the last couple of years and please know that if you choose to restart this podcast I’d be very happy to have your voices back in my ears.

  • Anna

    Doubt anyone will see this because it’s 6 months late, but I’m just currently binge-watching through OUAT and have been listening to each podcast along the way and I’m so sad that there are no more episodes! PSR just seems to be dropping all the podcasts for the shows I watch lately 🙁 Hopefully you guys can get back together sometime and do a one-off, if you are still watching. Thanks for everything, though!