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Once Upon a Time, Season 6 Episode 2 Recap | A Bitter Draught

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Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and Curt Clark (@CurtClark) pour out some vintage Enchanted Forest Malbec for the fallen and talk about this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time.

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  • Jessica Frey

    A couple theories as the number1 Emma swan and charming family fam

    Did you guys notice a change in Emma’s outfits this week. Instead of her leather jacket, she had a looser green jacket and also a white flow-y top. Does this symbolize Emma opening up or maybe showing her shake her savior ways a bit This was in the same episode where she started therapy and where Regina played savior for the family. It’s only been this episode but it could be something to watch coming up

    Also is it possible that if we get a season 7 that Emma isn’t the savior. Archie said this episode something about Emma learning to be something apart from the savior. I know in the show chuck, chuck was the intersect for the entire show until the last season. This is why I was thinking of this possible outcome. So maybe Emma doesn’t die but the savior dies and gets passed on. Maybe that’s why when it was said that happy endings could be taken away that it’s because Emma isn’t the savior anymore but Emma herself wasn’t killed in the vision but the savior

  • Craig

    I have a theory of my own.

    The whole battle between Regina and The Evil Queen is an analogy of the 2016 Presidential Election! Bringing back the curse is how The Evil Queen is trying to “Make Storybrooke Great Again” and Regina is suppose to be all good, but she has a little bit of darkness in her, like the darkness of an private e-mail server that deleted 33,000 e-mails! Soon we are going to get Regina in a pant suit and The Evil Queen will be trying to build a wall around Storybrooke. Wait a second… Oh my God! The Evil Queen letting in a bunch of immigrants from The Land of Untold Stories does go against that theory though.

    Also, was I the only one who wished that The Count died by getting burned to death in a horrible deep fryer accident at Grannies?

  • Barry Wallace

    I’m surprised no one has brought up the whole Good Kirk/Evil Kirk episode of Star Trek, where Captain Kirk was split into two halves. One was “good” but weak-willed and unable to make decisions. One was “evil” but was cruel and instinct-driven. Apart, neither could live without the other. They both needed their other half to be a whole person. I have a feeling we’ll see this with Regina – she will realize at some point she needs the Evil Queen to be part of her, because that’s her fire and intensity and drive. I would suspect in the next couple of episodes we’ll see her magic continue to flutter, and see her lost more and more of her drive. Only by accepting the Evil Queen back into herself will she be a whole person.

    This is a similar problem explored in the regular Jekyll and Hyde story. I wonder, will we continue to see Jekyll more this season? Maybe he’ll come to the same conclusion, that he needs Hyde’s passion back as part of him, but maybe Hyde will prove to be stronger and kill Jekyll. I hope this is the path they take with these two.

    Oh, and here’s my theory about who’s fighting Emma. I think it’s a split Emma, maybe similar to Regina’s good and evil halves, (or also possibly just another version of her). But it’s the “good” Emma in the cloak, who kills the “evil” Emma (who is not in a cloak). Our Emma just doesn’t realize the one getting killed isn’t actually her, it’s her doppleganger. Her vision seems to be in third person, not first person (i.e. she doesn’t actually feel the sword going into her, she just sees it and reacts to the horror sight).