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Once Upon A Time – Season One Review

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In preparation for our season long, weekly recaps of Once Upon A Time, Mike Bloom and Curt Clark review season one of the series.

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  • Craig

    Get OUAT! So excited you guys are covering it this season!

  • Kevin Wong

    I’ve always found OUaT to be both enjoyable and frustrating, so it will be interesting to hear your take on things.

    • Jessica Frey

      season 1 is so frusterating on a rewatch b/c its like just figure it out but its so rewarding to see the family dynamics

  • Josh Wigler

    I LIKE

  • Josh Wilkinson

    Happy that a non-cable show will finally be covered here. Season 1 is good but the best episodes are the first half of season 3.

  • Kevin Wong

    Kind of hoping now that we get a couple more network shows for review. Person of Interest seems to be right up the PSR alley. Whaddya say?

  • Shannonf1010

    I am super pumped you guys are making this podcast. I watched this on Netflix over the summer, and the plots and stories are really well done and intriguing. Can’t wait for more podcasts.

  • Call_Me_Dorkblade

    If you can get through the first episode (which is laughably awful at times), I think the first season is actually really good. What I like most is probably how they managed to interweave the different fairy tales. I think they did a good job subverting a few expectations when it came to revealing who was who in the real world and the overall plot made sense from a narrative point of view. I think the first season was great with a solid ending.

    And then came season 2 and 3…

    I slogged my way through season 2, hoping it would get better, and gave up on the show half-way through season 3. I even gave Wonderland a chance, but gave up on that too fairly early in the season.

    The show just lost some of its magic when everyone realized who they were. It also plummeted deeper and deeper into melodrama. And on top of all that, it committed one of the biggest sins in storytelling which writers feel the need to do over and over — it feels like everyone is related to everyone. The closer everyone is related by blood/marriage, the smaller the show’s universe seems to be (and more opportunities there are for melodrama).
    ***end spoilers***

    I still recommend Season 1 to people, but I wouldn’t go beyond that. I also warn people and tell them that you should watch each episode knowing that the morale of each episode is “the power of love finds a way.” If you can accept that (and get past the pilot), then I think the first season is really entertaining and well made.

    • Jessica Frey

      i challenge you to rewatch season 2 and season 3 if you dont love it idk what you are missing, the writers really figured out a good system for half season arcs and just rewatch it and look at it from emma’s arc in season 3 and think about it as they broke the curse but they still dont have their happy endings. season 2 i agree has problems but again i challenge you to rewatch it with the idea of magic is in storybrooke and how do these characters live with these two lives in their head and everyone trying to adjust. think of emma’s position throughout and espcially look for the little moments with the charming family and emma and charming’s relationship. season 2 really sets up alot of things for the future but if you forget tamara and greg they suck

  • Jessica Frey

    im way too obsessed with this show im starting my 2 rewatch of season 3 b/c i got the dvd. i will be watching the finale like 3 times now, it makes me cry every time

  • Jessica Frey

    one of the most underrated lines from season 1 right when the curse is broken and emma is reunited with her parents and henry just says “gramps” and charming is like i guess so. so subtle but just is a great little moment. really brings home the theme of the show is family and the idea of trying to reach for that happy ending

  • Kathie

    I started watching this show season 4, and have just finished my binge-watch of season one. Couldn’t wait to come listen to this for my wrap up. 🙂

    I also thought of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” when seeing the hospital basement, first because the guard nurse bears a strong resemblance to Nurse Rached, especially that very unusual hair style. So then the silent sweeper definitely made me think of the Chief character from that movie.