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Once Upon A Time – Season Three Recap

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In preparation for our season long, weekly recaps of Once Upon A Time, Mike Bloom and Curt Clark review season THREE of the series.

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  • Call_Me_Dorkblade

    I like the podcast, but I’m the complete opposite with you on one of your favorite moments/episodes. First let me say that I also gave up on the series, but I stuck with it past episode 6/7 (where Curt fell off) and gave up on it exactly at the moment when Peter Pan revealed his back story.

    I’m pausing the podcast now 1 hour in and Mike just said that the moment they revealed the Peter Pan twist, his jaw dropped, because it was the best twist they ever did on the show. Contrast this with my reaction where they revealed the Peter Pan twist and my eyes rolled so far back into the back of my head that I got a headache and quit the show soon after.

    By the power of plot, the writer’s decided to force (yet another) layer of familial drama into the show where none was really needed. When everyone is related to everyone, with every additional layer, the universe of the show that they’re building just gets smaller and smaller. It just feels so convenient and there’s a place for everything and everything is put in its place. (I don’t know if I’m explaining myself well.) And it didn’t help that in one master stroke, they fundamentally ruined my favorite character of the season.

    • Mike Bloom

      I can totally see where you’re coming from with those big reveals. I do agree that revealing that the Big Bad is always related to one of the main characters unnecessarily complicates the already twisted family tree. I just thought that the Pan twist in particular also informed a lot of what was going on with Rumple’s character throughout the series, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

      I hope you still listen to the podcast! I’m sure there will be quite a few things Curt and I will bash as much as we bashed them in this recap. I wouldn’t be surprised if one popped up in the first episode.

  • Reli Rhap

    I’m so glad PSR is covering OUAT! Your recaps reminded me of how much I had forgotten. There’s sooo much to keep track of! Two minor comments:

    1) I was glad you briefly mentioned the Mulan/Aurora attraction (at least from Milan’s POV). Another podcast I have listened to in the past that ‘digs deep’ on every little thing left this detail out for their own personal reasons and while it’s minor in comparison to pretty much everything else, I appreciated you mentioning it. That my doubt that I had picked up on something.

    2) The character who plays Ruby was cast on another show during the course of OUAT, so they had to make her invisible for awhile wo cutting her completely in hopes she’d return. It was odd/jarring for her to just show up at the end of the season, but this is why. :). I’m really looking forward to watching and keeping up with your podcast each week!! Yay!

  • Kathy Rocco

    OK I totally love Curt and Mike…Normally, I think they are awesome at what they do, but I had to stop listening to this podcast because they clearly are annoyed by this show…The commentary is so negative!!! If you don’t like the show, please don’t do the podcast and let someone who actually likes the show do it…Thanks!

    • Mike Bloom

      Hi Kathy,
      I can totally understand where you’re coming from with this, and I apologize if we sounded too negative on our commentary. The bottom line is we definitely still like and enjoy the show! The performances are great, and there’s never been a time when I really dreaded having to watch another episodes. Honestly the comments we made are probably a side effect of the binge and watching tiny inaccuracies or moments play out that we didn’t necessarily like.

      I hope this recap doesn’t dissuade you from our episodic coverage! Since we’ll only be analyzing one episode instead of 22, it will give us much more time to delve into moments or things we liked.

  • Erin Kerr Rooks

    After listening to the Utopia podcast, the OUAT podcast was plugged so I decided to check it out. Excited you guys are going to start a weekly podcast for Once. I also fell off the once wagon in the first part of season three, but it really pulled me back in during the second part. And I’m really looking forward to this podcast. Fun Fact: Team Hemma vs Team Nemma isn’t a thing. It’s Captain Swan vs. Swanfire (fire from Baelfire) Though it probably doesn’t matter, since Neal is donezo! Thanks for a great podcast! Excited to listen to the 4×01 cast.

  • Guillaume Schmitt

    The actress who played Ruby had a tv show with Sawyer from Lost during this season. That’s why we didn’t see her for a long time. The tv show is now cancelled so maybe she will come back more often.