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Once Upon A Time – Season Two Review

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In preparation for our season long, weekly recaps of Once Upon A Time, Mike Bloom and Curt Clark review season TWO of the series.

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  • Linus Wesley

    I love that you guys are covering this show and hope you’ll keep doing it at least once in a while throughout the new season. I’m catching up on season 2 right now after having stopped halfway through when it aired for no good reason, despite really loving the show. Before I listen to the podcasts for seasons 1 and 2 I thought I’d ask if you guys talk at all about season 3 and spoilers in them, so I know if I should listen to them as I go or not until I’m all caught up. Thanks!

    • Mike Bloom

      Hey Linus! No need to worry about spoilers, we make sure to treat each season as an isolated incident. We may be a bit cheeky in our predictions depending on where we are in rewatches, but nothing outlandish. Enjoy!

      • Linus Wesley

        Cool, thanks dearie!

        • Nobody has ever called me cheeky before, Mike. Kudos.

          • Kevin Wong

            Triple C, “Cheeky” Curt Clark. Has a good ring to it, so long as it’s done with a British accent.

  • Jessica Frey

    I would just like to point out. While I agree with a lot of stuff, I think you guys overlooked/over simplified Prince Charming/David’s arc in season 2. We got to see him go into Dad mode, some of the most sweetest family moments happen with him and emma. This really goes to Emma’s character as well. She has to learn to trust others and her parents will always be there. Whoever doesn’t cry when emma tells her parents neal does the first time and is comforted by David her dad, doesn’t have a heart. It is great to see all of sudden jump into protective father/grandfather mode. There are some great underrated scenes with charming, while some people may think he isn’t as exciting.

    My only pet peeve with season 2 minus Tamara and Greg who everyone hates, is dr whale. I remember I like everyone couldn’t wait to find out who dr wale was and on a rewatch I wasn’t as excited because he is a sleese lol.
    I am glad you guys like others hate Tamara and Greg and the actress who plays Tamara. I think Tamara and Greg can be replaced with John and Michael darling in who you see in season 3

    • Kevin Wong

      I felt that Tamara and Greg had the potential to be Vigilance on Person of Interest, and ended up being Nikki and Paolo on Lost.

      But realistically, these two were just there to get us to the season 2 cliffhanger so I guess the writers felt no need to get us invested in them.

  • Jessica Frey

    Emma’s relationship with her parents is literally one of my favorite things to watch on this show. I hope you enjoyed the moment when emma walks in on her parents doing the hanky panky. Some of the best reactions and just show the show is full of awkward moments. You can see Emma’s arc even more of trying to not trust eachother come to a haunt when Neal is revealed because she tried to protect Henry and herself and Henry gets upset.

    It has never been confirmed but I too like to believe the dragon=mushu

    I feel like a big theme in this season is while the curse is broken they characters are still trying to find their happy endings. 🙂

  • Sara K.

    Great job on the recap! Did anyone else notice the appearance of Peter Brown from BBCan season 1? He (or someone who looks a lot like him) was a townsperson during angry mob scene in the episode about Red. I’m looking forward to watching season 3 and following along with your recaps!

  • micadelphor

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