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Orange is the new Black – Season 2 Episodes 11, 12,13 Recap & Season Review

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Jessica Liese and Taylor Cotter are joined by Mike Bloom to discuss the final 3 episodes (11, 12, 13) from season 2 of Orange is the new Black, as well as discuss the overall season.

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  • Roberto

    So Red was hiding the contraband on the manure and it smelled so bad the guards thought it was being smuggled in the “cavities” but she asked Mendoza to hide it in the kitchen? with the food? in the food???

  • Roberto

    Also, I was almost sure the lady Taslitz stabbed didn’t die until I heard you talk about it.
    Are you sure? I could swear I heard someone said she didn’t die.

    • taylor

      You’re probably right. It probably would have been a much bigger deal if she had actually murdered someone. Point: Roberto.