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Orange is the new Black – Season 2 Episodes 2, 3 & 4 Recap

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LIVE at 7:00 pm ET / 4:00 pm PT on Tuesday, June 10th , Jessica Liese and Taylor Cotter reviewed Orange is the new Black, Season 2 Episodes 2, 3 &4. Join us LIVE after you have watched the episodes to ask your questions about the show.

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  • Linus Wesley

    I thought the first season was really good, but so far the new season hasn’t impressed me much. I guess the main reason is that other than some bickering and arguing, everyone in the prison is best friends with each other now. All the characters that were introduced as threatening or scary in the first season (like Big Boo) then turned into cuddly misunderstood goofballs and now it feels a bit more like a rowdy summer camp than a prison. I can see Vee being part of a conflict that will lead to some suspense by the end of the season, like the two of you are saying, but right now I’m not very concerned for anyone in there, which seems wrong considering where the show started out.

    I really appreciated the twist in the Morello flashback though. It felt like they really took a page out of the Lost playbook there. The other flashbacks this season haven’t really held my attention and I think I would prefer the Oz format where the flashbacks mostly consisted of one scene showing the inmate committing the crime they went to prison for, or being arrested for it. That’s what we really want to know.

    • taylor

      I somewhat agree. It’s probably much more difficult to produce an ensemble show where every character has a rich and deep backstory. Even though some of these characters are great (and many more interesting than Piper), it runs the risk of turning into a Degrassi situation rather than a consistent narrative.

      An interesting article from the AV Club compares OITNB to more of a workplace drama than a prison drama:

  • dsharden

    I am enjoying these pod casts but haven’t caught up to listen live. If you guys are doing the next three, next Tuesday at 7 pm, I’m in. Would love to be in chat room with you. Thanks for doing this!

  • Jeff

    Is there a schedule set for the next podcast? #OITNB

  • Now I have two more episodes to watch until I can hear what you two have to say again!! Argh!!!