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Orange is the new Black | Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

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Jessica Liese and Taylor Cotter recap Orange is the new Black, Season 3 Episode 2.

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  • Recovering Lawyer

    Couldn’t listen to the podcast because of the background noise (like someone moving a manhole cover over and over). Hope that’s not a problem beyond the first recap.

  • Charles Bikle

    I like how Caputo will say good morning or whatever to the one guard (Charles Foster) and Foster will immediately start peppering him with employment & benefits questions – I dunno, it’s funny to me because I’ve had to deal with people like that as both management and a union rep, so I guess I kind of relate to Caputo.

  • Charles Bikle

    I suspect that Healy is about as “progressive” as he’s going to get – he’s an old dog with too much damage.

  • Anna

    I think you guys are mixing up Flaca and Maritza. Flaca is the taller one p

  • Jordan M

    Are we sure that the grenade scene is where he lost his leg? I didn’t notice anything that implied that anybody except the friend who jumped on the grenade was injured.

    • Betsy Lucille

      [two years later] I don’t think his leg was lost due to the grenade. I think that scene was just to show his cowardice.