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Orange is the new Black | Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

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Jessica Liese and Taylor Cotter recap Orange is the new Black, Season 3 Episode 4.

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  • Spencer Mann

    As bland as Piper and Alex might be, I much prefer their story to the Piper and Larry storyline, which was cringe-worthy until it was miraculously mercy-killed by the writers. I also still prefer their romance to Daya’s relationship/pregnancy arc, which is so interminably awful that I am actively rooting for her to get transferred to any other prison in the entire universe, immediately.

    Since you’re so far ahead from the episodes that you are recapping, are you ever tempted to make absurdly incorrect predictions/speculation on purpose just to troll anyone who is listening to these unspoiled?

    Also, with the discussion of Piper Kerman’s memoir, is there a chance that you might host a one-time OITNB book-club podcast talking about how it relates to the show? I haven’t read it yet, but that might be an interesting discussion.

    • Pink Pearl

      I think at the point that we recorded this one, neither of us was spoiled yet. I did watch ahead starting at about episode 9, but while I was watching I was careful to take notes in the moment so I would be able to capture how I was feeling as it happened.

      I don’t know if Piper Kerman’s memoir really has enough meat to it to wind up as its own entire podcast — it’s VERY different from the show. But we could entertain it. We’re thinking about doing a feedback show to wrap up the whole season once everything has been posted.

      • Spencer Mann

        Ah, I see. I haven’t read Kerman’s memoir so I wasn’t really sure if that would be relevant but it sounds like it really isn’t. Thanks for the response, though! I think a feedback show would be great – I’ll start thinking of sassy voicemail questions to send in.

  • Charles Bikle

    Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream – the world’s most hazardous ice cream !

  • Charles Bikle

    Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but after 3 seasons, I’m beginning to think that Piper and Alex might be involved in a lesbian relationship. Thoughts ?