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Orange is the new Black | Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

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Jessica Liese and Taylor Cotter recap Orange is the new Black, Season 3 Episode 6.

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  • Charles Bikle

    Even though I’m pretty sure it was stuntcasting, I like Ruby Rose on the show – definitely a striking presence on the show and what she lacks in acting skills, she makes up for in charisma.

    When Ruby first showed up on the show, I didn’t know anything about her, but I could tell that she was famous somewhere.

    My gut instinct is that Ruby was a last minute addition to the show and that maybe she’s on because she expressed interest in the program and the showrunners loosely wrote her into it (kind of like how Richard Pryor got involved with Superman III).

  • Charles Bikle

    So far this season, I’m pretty happy with the lack of Sophia on the show; her only storyline is that she’s transgender and how difficult it is to maintain that lifestyle in prison – just tedious and preachy.

    If the showrunners are going to do more with her in the future, Sophia’s storylines are going to have to go past the transgender stuff.