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Orange is the New Black | Season 4 Episode 1 Recap

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Jessica Liese and Taylor Cotter recap Orange is the new Black, Season 4 Episode 1.

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  • Anna

    Just finished the season. As I was watching, I was really enjoying it. They definitely gave some of the supporting characters a lot of room to shine and strayed away from our usual main characters (though that may have backfired). But I did feel like a lot of the flashbacks and storylines (especially the big one at the end) were a bit too “on the nose”. A couple of the flashbacks were overly sitcom-y for me. And I thought the social commentary was a bit forced. But I really did like how they fleshed out some new characters this season. Excited for rest of the podcasts!

  • I forced myself to watch season 1 because of the good reviews. this series is a gross joke.

    • Pink Pearl

      Thanks for sharing. We are all better people because of your input.

      • All the credit goes to you. Your input is worthy of recognition in the archives of the Jedi Order

        • taylor

          Exciting #discourse!

  • TrentC

    I binged all of season four and enjoyed. Haven’t listened to your podcast yet (bad habit of mine before commenting).

  • TrentC

    Thanks for the recap.

    When Orange features both comedy and serious moments, that’s when I feel it’s firing on all cylinders. This season typifies that. Without spoilers or hints and touching on some of your talking points I can safely say that it will be an even season, not so Piper-centric. You will see some interesting flashbacks, existing storylines are not forgotten, and there’s some great acting from the ensemble.

    In past seasons they’ve tried to demonstrate a balance between the light hearted daily interactions of inmates at a minimum security facility and the very serious reality that it’s an environment of criminals. This season nails the duality better than any past season in my humble opinion.

    And the Welcome Back and Highlander references weren’t lost on everyone 🙂

  • Glinda Otter

    “I could barely remember people’s names”. Great. Good to see they found someone really invested in the show to do the recap. You guys sounded like you could hardly be bothered to watch the show, let alone recap it. Real quality discussion. Jessica should probably stick to TAR, since complex plotting is beyond her comprehension

    • Complex plotting? Where?

      • Pink Pearl

        I feel sorry for people who feel the need to hang out in the comments section for a podcast about a show they vehemently hate. You should go outside – it’s nice out.

        • I didn’t mean to be mean. Sorry Ladies.
          I’m out.

    • Pink Pearl

      I can always tell when we’re reaching a wider audience because the criticism ramps up — good news for us!

      When we said we could hardly remember people’s names, it was more a passing comment on the fact that we’ve had a year off from the show. By the time we recap these episodes I’ve often watched them two or three times apiece with the wiki in front of me. I assure you, complex plotting is not above my pay grade.

  • DanPez

    Can’t wait for for the rest of the episodes. Although I have finished the season I love hearing other people’s input and opinions of it 🙂