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Orange is the New Black | Season 5 Premiere Episode Recap Podcast

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Jessica Liese and Taylor Cotter recap the first episode of season 5 of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black.

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  • GeekFurious

    I think it is important to watch great shows and terrible shows, especially if you are a creative person. This has turned into a terrible show. The plotting is ridiculous. More than half the characters are cartoonish. And though I think it is important to watch terrible shows –to learn what not to do in your own story telling- I’ve put in my time. I’ve served long enough. I cannot make it past episode 8 of this season. The show is too awful. No one should have to suffer this any more… without getting paid to do so.

  • Debra “kutee” Battle

    I have watch the whole season. I don’t think it’s terrible. I see how many people will not like or even hate this season. This season felt like a very long TV Movie. It had some very good moments you might miss if done take the time to see them. There are also moment that seen really off they will pay off in later episodes.

  • Charles Bikle

    BIG SPOILER for anyone who hasn’t watched Season 3 of The Walking Dead, just FYI (happens early in the podcast).

    • Isaiah Dustin Parter

      It was actually a spoiler for season 4. She got the season wrong.

  • Charles Bikle


    (BTW, does Disqus have an option for spoilers ? It’d be a nice feature for all the Post Show Recap podcasts.)

    Having watched the whole season, hard to root for most of the main characters, considering how complicit and/or amused they are by how the guards are treated, which involves a lot of rape-y stuff played for laughs, which I suspect will probably REALLY offend more sensitive viewers.

    On the plusses, the show continues to be pretty unpredictable and, for the most part, there are patches of good-to-very good dialogue.

    On the negatives, the show can get too sitcom-y with its characters, with too many “Frank Burns” and not enough “Hawkeye Pierces”, but I think the actors all do a pretty good job with what they’ve been given to work with.

  • Derrick G. Jackson

    I’m bummed you guys are only doing two episodes. None of the other OITNB podcasts have even started talking about this season and I’m not sure they will. But really enjoyed the first episode and look forward to your discussion of the whole season.

  • TrentC

    I binged the season and enjoyed the format. Resisting the urge to comment until other folks are caught up.

  • sunny

    I just finished the season, it’s definitely just an “ok” one for me. I agree with comments about characters becoming cartoonish over the course of the series.

    Question re: the finale below…
    after sweeping the prison the guard said they were coming up 10 short on their count, which were the 10 in the pool, but what about pennsatucky and chang? just an error on the show’s part?

  • ames

    Poor Jessica. Has to podcast with someone who doesn’t remember a thing about anything and won’t take the marbles out of her mouth before recording.

    • taylor

      Feel free to tweet me this and your other feedback so I don’t miss it xoxo