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Orange is the new Black: Season One Review Podcast

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Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie) and Taylor Cotter (@taylorcotter) review season one of Orange is the new Black before they start recapping the new season this weekend!

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  • ryan webb

    I don’t know if someone like HBO or Showtime would take a chance on a show like this but if they did it def would of had buzz.

    Netflix renewed the show before they released season 1 so I think they knew it was good but maybe were shocked everyone prefered it over House of Cards.

    nit picky stuff but thought I’d add it.

    • taylor

      I think they’ve already renewed for Season 3 as well! I’m not sure how Netflix determines the success of a show because they don’t have traditional ratings, and they never release viewer numbers.

  • taylor

    Here is the video I mentioned on the podcast, by the Fine Bros!