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Orphan Black, Season 3 Episode 1 Recap | The Weight of This Combination

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Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) sit down to some grilled fox liver and undo a notch in their belts to make room for a recap of the Orphan Black season premiere.

Due to popular demand, Jess and Mike will be returning next week for weekly coverage of Orphan Black! They wanted to thank everyone who have given their feedback after the previous podcast, and they are excited to dive into the drama of clone facial hair.

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  • toast

    I don’t quite get how Delphine rose to the top of Dyad either.
    She’s just a lowly scientist chosen because she had a bad French accent that Cossima is attracted to. Surely the company is full to suitably Evil administrators who at least will say “And why are you in this office?”

    It’s fun to have her in power, with Sarah pretending to be Rachel. That old Sarah pretending to be policewoman Beth game repeated. But the logic is sketchy.

    …. and who had a naked male clone in a cell? I’m lost at who captured him. Sometimes I forget who is where and on whos side they are on, and whether Dyad wants to kill them or not.

    • Marion Bowles (aka Rachel’s boss) was the person who was keeping the naked male clone in her basement. She has conveniently buggered off to Europe or something so we haven’t yet seen her this season.

      I agree, Delphine’s sudden rise to power is as inexplicable as the apparent heel turn she’s going to make this season. (Although I HAVE been saying all along that Cosima was a fool to trust her.)

  • mercyxx x

    Great podcast. Looking forward to listening for the rest of the season