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Rhonda Rousey Hosting Recap | SNL 2016

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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and  Rich Tackenberg (@richtack) review episode 11 of the 41st season of Saturday Night Live hosted by Rhonda Rousey on January 23, 2016 with musical guest Selena Gomez!snl-recap-4111

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  • AndyMcGill

    The cold opening screamed “In a very weird election year, SNL has nothing new to say. Let’s just repeat old stuff every week.”

    • Matt The Golem

      This episode started and ended with repeats. And the sketch with Pete Davidson testifying in court seemed familiar. Not a great show overall but Rousey was better than I expected.

    • Matt The Golem

      As they pointed out in the podcast there were a lot of repeated old sketches and recycled ideas in the episode. Quite disappointing for only the 2nd episode since Christmas break.

  • Bijan Nowroozian

    Hey guys, where’s the podcast?

  • Justin

    Would really like to listen to this, but none of the links work in my podcast apps or on this page.