Rob & Akiva are STILL Trying to Figure out What to Podcast Next

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Rob and Akiva are STILL Trying to Figure Out What to do Next

We Lied.  We said the next time you heard Rob & Akiva it would be the start of a new podcast but the feedback was too all over the map… so we’re back with another podcast to figure it out.


Listen to Rob and Akiva announce a comeback

  • There are 100% people who commentate on Madden, as the computer plays itself. I am actually watching a series of someone doing it right now.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put Curb back on the Wheel, even if we just get to vote on one episode to watch.

  • TrentC

    Since I totally didn’t understand the assignment on the previous podcast, I’ll tread lightly here.

    Possible name? A Podcast About Nothing.

  • Talkin Hockey

    Always Sunny in Philly. Material for years!

    • Matthew Murphy

      I like that more than the other options and I haven’t even seen the show yet. But I’d rather Curb.

  • Talkin Hockey

    Weekly watches and discussions about random Japanese game shows.

  • Sean C

    Well done guys. I’m late to the Seinfeld party but I’m up to season 5 right now. I look forward to the Mighty Wheel of Randomness and the hilarity that is to come.