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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and  Rich Tackenberg (@richtack) review episode 17 of the 41st season of Saturday Night Live with host Russell Crowe & musical guest Margo Price broadcast on April 9, 2016!

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  • SuzaSuzie

    Is it just me or did that “100 days in the jungle” sketch feel like the writers really haven’t seen an episode of survivor in ten years? I loved it, don’t get me wrong, but the tv product placement felt super dated.

  • AaronMcMahon

    I really enjoyed Russell Crowe as the host even the quote unquote Hologram sketch. This in NOT a hologram.

    What they are referencing is the Pepper’s Ghost effect most famously used in the Haunted Mansion and the more high tech version called Musion used for the Tupac Coachella performance and Harry Potter attractions at Universal Studios. It’s basically reflecting an image onto a plate glass window to give the effect a live three dimensional object.

    Holograms are way more complex light refracting concept and is mostly unusable other than trading cards made in the 90s.

    I’m just trying to educate people so I don’t have to have to hear the word hologram again.

  • Jonathan Schwartz

    Do you guys think that Russell Crowe couldn’t show up to New York until about Thursday considering he was in no pre-taped sketches and was only in 4 sketches overall?

    • MCBAR

      It didn’t seem like it it’s about time they stopped forcing the host in every sketch

  • Mike Bloom

    Is Henry VIII the worst non-Trump sketch of the season so far? I honestly could only watch it with my head in my hands.

    • MCBAR

      Prob the best sketch with him in it besides ninja and there has been worst with Adam driver Chris hemsworth Rhonda rousey

    • Laws

      Mike Bloom, you’re an attractive man and official RHAPPSR cohost, get your life together and add a picture to your Disquis profile.


    Rich I know you r prob happy that Russell wasn’t in every sketch so we got to see the cast again, I’m learning from you and noticed a very unhappy Taran in they good nights and jay looked pissed what do you think happened did they not get as much time as last week?

    • Charles Bikle

      Crowe has said some…things in the past; I could definitely see McKinnon not wanting to work with him.

      Between Crowe & Sharpton, you had two very polarizing media figures visiting SNL.


    Usually when someone plays a real person in a sketch and that same person shows up the crowd goes crazy, by politics nation barely anyone seemed to notice that the real al sharpton was playing off kenan

    • Charles Bikle

      I don’t think there’s a lot of crossover between the SNL audience and the MSNBC audience and even further, I don’t think most of the MSNBC audience even watches Sharpton’s show.


    In the beginning it seemed like Kyle mooney was doing better than beck Bennett now it seems the other way, who are others who done much better or worse recently

    • MCBAR

      Check out this link from @rollingstone

  • Matt Racine

    this episode was roughhhhhhhhh.

  • phil

    I am a Kyle Mooney apologist, I love all his characters on the Good Neighbor Youtube channel but I agree with you guys about Bruce Chandling… so rough to watch.

  • Laws

    Okay, it wasn’t a great episode, but the Ninja skit was one of the best things they’ve done all season.

    • MCBAR

      To say “all season” is a big opinionated statement with 17 episodes done this does not hold a candle to Larry David’s Tracy Morgan Ariana grande and more

  • Charles Bikle

    I like the Bruce Chandler character – basic “cringe” comedy – you could tell that the audience was confused and uncomfortable during this bit, which just made it all the funnier to me.

  • Charles Bikle

    With the movie “Nice Guys” getting moved around on release dates and the critic’s reaction to Batman v. Superman, I’m wondering if the guest was originally supposed to be someone like Ben Affleck or Jeffrey Eisenberg, but they got replaced/switched around with Crowe ?

  • – I do like Bruce Chandling but I think the digital shorts work better especially when he is interacting with a comic like Louie or Kevin Hart. This week’s felt a little like a repeat.

    – Also the Preparation H commercial was actually produced at least back in March. I saw it when I attended the Jonah Hill dress rehearsal.

    – I’m putting my prediction in for Kristen Wiig for Ghostbusters. Even though we already had Hemsworth and McCarthy this season we also have Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong on the cast. Then again we haven’t heard a peep about it this season and early buzz is mixed. Another possibility is Andy Samberg with June’s Lonely Island movie Popstar.

    Personally for me I would love to see Will Forte especially with the success he has had with Last Man on Earth (plus he is in the upcoming Popstar and Keanu too).

    • MCBAR

      SUDEIKUS all the way


    It was obvious I meant the sketches he has done and its not only my opinion take rich and robs plus other critics I think even you’d agree my point is not to make such statements (that includes me)

  • ames

    I would rather watch Brice Chandling than hear Rich say “uhh boyyy” one more time. I recoil and cringe each time. He clearly doesn’t read these comments since this is the third week in a row I’ve mentioned it.

    • Dylan M

      He reads the comments. But I find it funny that you think he gives any shits to what you think. What makes you think that the comments from one person will stop him from saying a phrase that’s he’s done for years? He’ll say what he wants to say. Don’t like it? Don’t listen.

      • ames

        Just trying to give a heads up that he sounds like a fucking idiot each time he says it.
        Ps go fuck yourself, asshat.

        • Dylan M

          Good luck kid