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SNL Recap: Our Review of Andy Samberg Hosting the Season 39 Finale


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LIVE on Sunday, May 18th, Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg review Saturday Night Live hosted by Andy Samberg.

  • Roberto

    I’m not getting this episode on my iTunes PSR feed. Is it just happening to me?

    • David Allen

      Same. Hopefully it will be up soon so I have something for my morning commute!

      • I was really behind on everything… but the audio version is posted now.

        • Roberto


  • Megan Z

    Great job guys-

    I thought the monologue was a callback to Bill and Andy’s very first episode. They appeared on Weekend Update and Bill would do a fantastic impression and Andy would do a sub-par one to which the Weekend anchors would praise Andy for how great he was.

    • wow, great memory! That sounds worth tracking down on Yahoo’s SNL archive.

    • redbluegreen

      Yes, that made the monologue special. Without the callback then it’s run of the mill.

    • Jason Lee

      Sample sub-par impression: “Hey guys, it’s me Harrison Ford WAAAAAZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPP!!!!!!!”

  • Chris Berry

    The opening monologue was great, but all down hill from there. This closes out one of the worst seasons of SNL of all time. This is also one of the worst casts of all time. Colin Jost will be gone next season. Cleaning house is the best option for SNL at this point.

    • I think we’re going to see Colin Jost next season with Cecily. I don’t actually think we’ll see a lot of cast changes beyond some pruning of the featured players. maybe Bobby M decides to leave? We’ll see.

      • Chris Berry

        He will be on a very short leash. Did you notice how his time kept getting shorter and shorter each week? I would still rank this cast lower than some of the bad ones from the 80’s.

  • NatalieKuchik

    Did anyone else think St. Vincent looked like Lady Gaga in the pictures they show before her performance? I NEVER thought they looked alike, but once that photo came up, it was a dead ringer.

    – I think the ‘Beat Drop’ short was funny to anyone that had been to a music festival and stumbled upon an electronic music artist performing. It’s basically a jab at how much money these people make (Andy’s name in the short was derived from Avicii) for basically sitting on stage and doing very little. And how insanely excited fans get for that damn beat drop. It’s really funny to watch at a festival.

    – I agree with pretty much everything else you all said, except I was not a fan of the second digital short. I think their best (most recent) one was YOLO.

    I was super surprised there was no “send off” sketch because I think the last 2 seasons we got one. (dancing at the end 2 season ago, and the band with Fred/Bill being one of the last sketches last season). But I guess no ‘major’ players are leaving.