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SNL Recap: The Best & Worst of Sarah Silverman Hosting on 10/04/14


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Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg recap the best and worst of Sarah Silverman hosting Saturday Night Live with musical guest Maroon 5

Saturday Night Live 2014: Review of Sarah Silverman hosting SNL on our October 4 Recap Saturday Night Live 2014: Review of Sarah Silverman hosting SNL on our October 4 Recap[/caption]

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  • StephenDrabek

    1. I’m 95% sure the Darrell Hammond announcing was NOT the same between the two weeks. I played the week 1 intro a few times last week to admire the new shots they got and I kept noticing how he said Kenan THOMPson, with a heavy emphasis on the THOMP part. This week I didn’t hear it, and some slight differences with other names as well. I only heard it the one time though, so I could be wrong.

    2. As much as I want to see Stefon, I feel like they shouldn’t do his usual Update schtick. I think that character’s arc ended wonderfully, and I just don’t think the circumstance is right. The audience will still be expecting it though, so in order to combat the inevitable disappointment, maybe they put Stefon in one of the pre-Update sketches as sort of a cameo. Maybe have Seth in there for good measure. That way people will feel satisfied, enter Update with no expectations, and free up Hader to do Carville or something.

    • I was thinking maybe they could do Stefon in the cold open or in the monologue just to get it out of the way. Then there wouldn’t be the pressure to do it on Update.

    • Stephen, 1) i listened to both back to back, and i’m pretty sure it was the same, but i could be wrong. 2) I totally agree with you. I hope you are right,and we see Carville at WU!

  • Matt Campbell

    I can’t get over how cringe-worthily terrible that episode was. I actually feel embarrassed for pretty much everyone, especially Sarah.

    Can’t wait for Bill Hader. Hoping for a sort of best of Bill Hader characters night.

    • Eart

      Yeah, it was bad. There were quite a few times when I was wondering if anyone had rehearsed at all… sometimes it seemed that the sketch had been written 5 minutes before it started.

      • Jason Lee

        It’s actually very possible that this is the case, it’s pretty well documented that sketches are sometimes being edited and re-written right down to the very last minute before they go live.

        On reddit, someone gave their account of attending the dress rehearsal of the show and noted that the rewrites on the cue cards did seem hard to read, which probably contributed to some of the flubbed delivery of lines:

    • sanjayP

      agreed, it was a whole new level of bad though, i felt gross watching it.

  • Mike Bloom

    I have to agree with Rich about Kenan’s character in the Supportive Women sketch. I feel like sometimes SNL writers fall into the trap of putting too many weird things into a sketch.

    In improv, the practice is to usually go until you see the first weird thing, and then focus on playing that up while keeping everything else the same. With this scene, I wasn’t sure who to laugh at. The show? Kenan’s reactions? Just a little muddled and confusing.

  • sanjayP

    Obviously it wasn’t just me, since i read the comments below, but this was absolutely one of the worst episodes EVER of SNL.

    I actually skipped thru a few sketches because of how bad they were; i wasn’t even smiling. I respect Sarah Silverman as a successful comedian, but she’s deffo not my cup of tea. I actually felt uncomfortable watching this episode. Did she REALLY have to be in every single sketch? Chalk this one up as a write-off.

    The best sketch was that one with Aidy Bryant and Taren Killum doing the flirting thing to nicki minaj’s song and the whisper song, that was the only sketch that made me laugh ever-so-slightly. and even in that sketch, the Aidy Bryant part was the only part that made me laugh.

  • Jason Lee

    A friend of mine saw Sarah Silverman recently on the Oddball Comedy Festival Tour and noted that she had actually done the bit about sitting on someone’s lap and exchanging compliments/advice (including some of the same jokes, like the one about the app), so it looks like the monologue was a case of marrying Sarah’s current act with the idea of bringing up her old footage from the 90s.

  • Suzi!

    I really hope Bill Hader does his Vincent Price Halloween impression. It’s
    one of my all-time favorites.

    I agree that Darryl should be on camera when he does the opening
    credits. It would be great.

  • Antony Gilbert

    OK, this just confirms it. Rob clearly is a white self-hating racist. The fact that he reviews this liberal asinine lowgrade comedy show already clued us into knowing his political persuasion but to be seen laughing at that unbelievably racist ‘Whites’ sketch really proves it.

    And yes I know demended liberals like you are not going to get at all why you’re being called racists but I really just wanted to burst your little racist bubble.