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Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg review episode 2 of the 41st season premiere of Saturday Night Live hosted by Amy Schumer on October 10, 2015.

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SNL Recap: Amy Schumer hosts SNL on October 10, 2015

SNL Recap: Amy Schumer hosts SNL on October 10, 2015

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  • Coach

    Is SNL having a problem with keeping up with the times? Last week was Harry Met Sally, this week was Spice Girls. Jon Lovitz and David Spade think this is cutting edge.

    • MCBAR

      all of the sketches so far have been pretty new,(besides the follow up to the other miley sketch last week ) it could be they r still trying new material instead of going back to old stuff or just a list of impressions. next week will probably have a lot of callbacks

    • Charles Bikle

      In both of those sketches, the Spice Girls music and the backdrop of the “When Harry Met Sally” diner were used to effectively illustrate how LAME the stewardesses and the girls’ table were – they were minor elements of the overall sketches.

  • cburger

    Question For Recap:

    Should Vanessa Bayer pull a Costanza and leave the show at her “SNL” screen time apex? Go out on top, Vanessa! Love you, Bay(er).

    • MCBAR

      but then we would lose jacob the bar mitzva boy! 🙁

    • Charles Bikle

      Bayer is in a tough position on the show – most of her characters are understated & this season there are a lot of extroverted castmembers with loud, over-the-top characters. I think Bayer and Sasheer are often in competition for the quiet female role in sketches.

      • I agree. She had some bigger characters in her first year, but I don’t think they connected with the general audience. We haven’t seen a big impression, like Miley Cyrus, in a bit.

    • I don’t know. I don’t think VB has peaked yet.

  • No surprise Vanessa Bayer got a huge increase in screentime this week, as she plays Schumer’s best friend in Trainwreck.

    Amy’s monologue was really funny, it’s interesting seeing the gulf of class between a seasoned professional comic doing a stand-up set and the contestants on Last Comic Standing, or even just any actor or singer during their SNL monologue.

    I was pretty disappointed with the sketches though tbh. For someone who has a sketch comedy show, I would have thought collectively she and the writers could have come up with some far better stuff. Weekend Update for once was probably the highlight of the show!

    • MCBAR

      it was a stronger episode for the women in general, but would u have wanted to see a girlfriends talkshow

      • Charles Bikle

        Wouldn’t be surprised if the “girlfriends” sketch was floated out there and Shumer shot it down.

  • AndyMcGill

    Half of Weekend Update is now jokes about racism and blacks vs. whites. Rather heavy handed too. It is a long way since SNL tried to make interesting commentary about race relations with insight instead of cheap PC tropes.


    rich, some are saying this episode is like last seasins with sarah silverman. both are strong female comedians and had great monologues but the actual episode wasnt the greatest. why is it like that? and are we going to have to wait till next weeks episode for the season to start again?

    • I guess I liked it more than you. I thought both eps you mentioned were funny, although neither episode had a sketch that will be remembered as best of.