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SNL Recap: Anna Kendrick Hosts Saturday Night Live on 4/05/14


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Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg review the latest Saturday Night Live hosted by Anna Kendrick

Sketches Discussed in This Episode:


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  • Jason Lee

    I’ll say this about Anna Kendrick’s level of fame: aside from Pitch Perfect and the tie-in Cups song (it was actually a pretty big hit for a whlie, I’d hear it on the radio while driving literally every day for about a month or two), Anna’s following is mostly a sorta cult-ish online fanbase, largely due to her hilarious Twitter account, her BFF-relationship with Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Rec (who has her own cult-ish following), and her funny talk show appearances/interviews. It’s true that she is one of the least traditionally famous hosts this season, especially given the fact that she isn’t really promoting anything at this time (aside from maybe starring in 3 films at Sundance this year, hopefully we’ll see wider releases of those soon), but there were quite a large number of people who were very excited for this episode and have been wanting her to host SNL for a while. I’d compare her maybe to someone on the level of when Charlie Day hosted a couple years ago. He had a small-ish but dedicated fanbase from the It’s Always Sunny crowd and had one pretty big movie in Horrible Bosses.

    Anyways, for Rob and Rich and anyone who wants to get to know Anna better, I’ll leave you with some links:

    A couple of funny interviews from Conan:

    Funny or Die video where her manager forces her to join a Korean-pop group:

    Compilation of some of her funny tweets:

    Also, I highly recommend the movie 50/50 with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen (SNL promotion synergy!) It’s a fantastic movie full of genuine laughs and tears, and she plays a wonderfully awkward and endearing character (depending on your receptiveness to these kinds of characters, you may or may not fall in love with her).

    • Thanks Jason, sounds like we’re going to be seeing a lot more of her. Hopefully not always singing though.

    • Michael J

      Cosign on 50/50. Great film.

      Respectfully Rob and Rich, I think your unfamiliarity with AK may have hurt your viewing experience. I would compare Anna to a Seth MacFarlane in that you know when Seth hosts SNL or the Oscars that musical numbers will happen. This week, being very familiar with Anna Kendrick’s career, upcoming movies, and love of singing, I was prepared for a musical heavy episode.

      Also, AK is a friend of the comedy podcast world. She’s done some great DLMs, done Comedy Bang Bang, and had a really good Nerdist. I recommend. I also may have the weensiest crush on her.

      • Adam W

        I agree with this wholeheartedly… I think you guys are a bit harsh here on the amount of singing. I also think you’re underrating Anna Kendrick’s fame quite a bit. I thought it was a really fun episode that was about exactly what I would expect from an Anna Kendrick episode!

    • Hey, I knew most of her background except for Twilight, so don’t be lumping me in with Rob, haha. At the end of our last episode, I guaranteed a musical monologue, and commented on her comedy podcast experience. I had heard her on Nerdist and really liked it.
      My issue was more that Saturday Night Live is not a musical comedy review. It’s a sketch show!

      • Jason Lee

        Ah, gotcha. In that case, that part of my response goes mostly to Rob!

        I can appreciate that not everybody loves musical comedy, but I did like that they at least tried something different in incorporating a lot of musical sketches this time around. if it’s like this every week, I’ll probably be more inclined to take issue as well (especially if they try it with someone like Louis CK or Seth Rogen!), but once or twice a season, especially with someone as talented as Anna, is alright with me. Maybe next time with Anna they’ll turn it down a notch (although they did announce a Pitch Perfect sequel, so…..)

        • I am more than ready to admit this has more to do with me than the rest of the viewing audience – I do think it’s a valid note that a first time host should introduce themselves to the SNL audience a bit so we know more about them.

  • taylor

    Please GIF Rich dancing at the beginning.

  • Tommy

    I really enjoyed this episode. Though I will admit I live near NYC and I like Broadway and I like musicals. And I’m also a 90s kid who grew up with Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast (Lion King the best). So this show was geared to me.

  • Adam W

    Awww I thought “Dongs” was great! It was a clear parody of Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty To Me,” which is a huge hit right now and basically boasts about dinging women all over the world. There have been a few other songs like this in recent years too (Chris Brown’s “International Love” comes to mind). So I thought this was a really clever female rebuke to those sorts of songs, and really highlighted how ridiculous they all are. I think it would have defeated the joke entirely if they replaced it with “boobs” or had guys singing it.

  • Scott Chupack

    FWIW, I highly recommend Pitch Perfect. It got 81% from Rotten Tomatoes and has legs as a cult classic (kind of like Grease for the new generation). No one’s acting is all that impressive, but the singing is great and the movie is funny.

  • Guillaume Schmitt

    I loved this episode, didn’t know Anna Kendrick except in Up in the Air but i like her after this episode. I really liked the monologue, i know that it wasn’t really funny but it made me excited for the rest of the show so job done for me. I agree that she should have presented herself. I’m also a musical fan so i understand why not musical fans or Disney fans can like this episode less than me or at least the sketch with songs.

    Rich, i understand that you didn’t like the song on Les Jeunes de Paris. This song is way more famous that the previous ones but the others ones were acclaimed by critics but more underground. If someone want to know, the song was Louxor j’adore by Philippe Katerine.

    The only thing that i didn’t like on this podcast is that you didn’t talk about Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s husband inscription on ObamaCare and that your french prononciation of Les jeunes de Paris was really bad Rob. :p

  • dsharden

    I haven’t finished watching and I’m dying over Rob and Rich not knowing who Anna Kendrick is or Jeremy Renner! I know you know who they are, but most obscure hosts?
    Two movies that I will stop what I am doing and sit and watch if they come on t.v. are Pitch Perfect (fav cult movie) and The Town (Ben Affleck & Jeremy Renner).

    I love you both so much and since we are talking about comedy, I am literally thinking you two sound like a teenager explains Justin Beiber to his grandmother.

    So glad they are live now and hopefully can turn in next week. BTW, the guy whose girlfriend was pregnant in Knocked Up is this week’s host.

    • Hey… how am i getting dragged into Rob’s scandal???
      I know who AK is, and i knew her major credits, except for the Twilight movies!!!
      And I knew who Jeremy Renner is, but i would still argue he is one of the least famous people to host SNL in the last 2 seasons. Would you disagree with that???

      • dsharden

        Rich, i absolutely love the SNL’s recaps with you and Rob. It’s just weird that literally two of my all time favorite movies are Pitch Perfect and The Town. I know…..people who are not like me (around 100 billion) do not know these two as I do. So, I’m actually laughing at myself at the interview.
        As Rob says, most the guest introduce themselves, as Josh from Twilight ..You know me from Twilight but I also dot dot dot ummmm. (would not know a Twilight actor if I was stuck in elevator w/ the star)
        I understand Rob’s confusion that she went in just assuming people knew her work. It was funny to me because I love her so……Pitch perfect is my Mean Girls cult film I.Know many of the lines.
        That said, I loved the episode. It’s up there w/ Kerry Washington for me.

        Jeremy Renner, has become one of my favorite actors. watch “The Town” by Ben Affleck. That and “Gone Baby Gone” by him are absolute favorites of mine. Violent thriller.

        Loving your Bobby Monihan dance…I do think of you when ever he is in a sketch now, knowing we will get to hear your glee.

        Thanks for the input and hope I get to be in the chat room next week after Jonan Hill.

      • dsharden

        And, yes I do agree with Jeremy Renner being a least famous guest host. I would have no idea who he was if “The Town” wasn’t a all time favorite. Other than that, he does mostly big thriller gangster stuff.

      • Natalie Franklin

        I don’t think that anyone who was in The Avengers as a main character can really be considered ‘least famous’ anything.

        • Natalie – I don’t disagree with what you’re saying, but if you look back at the list of SNL hosts, who would you say was less famous than Renner?

          • Natalie Franklin

            In the last 2 seasons?
            I mean, fame is obviously subjective, but I would say that Kevin Hart is objectively less famous in the eyes of Joe Six-Pack. There’s also an argument for Christoph Waltz being less famous. Outside of Tarantino aficionados and rabid Oscar enthusiasts (of which I am both) I wouldn’t say he’s a household name.

          • i thought of Kevin Hart, but you’re right, CW is probably the best call of the bunch.

  • marc nyc

    Finally got a chance to listen to this week’s podcast. I came here to yell at Rob about (Oscar nominee!) AK’s fame, but i see the internet has beaten me to it. Good job, internet. 🙂

    Outside of that, another great job, guys.

    Hey, did you see this:

    Pretty funny.

    Please keep going with the featured player power rankings. (By the way, you know you are at the bottom of the rankings when uber-fan Tackenberg keeps calling you the wrong name. (It’s Milhiser! Not Milhisner!)) Would love to hear your thoughts on the “is the cast too big?” question that has been posed in various articles this year. i liked the NY Mag (I think) one that pointed out that with the big cast, the viewers don’t get to really “know” the players as much versus with a smaller cast, and getting to know the players is one of the charms of loyal watching. Can’t argue with that. That kind of thinking doesn’t bode well for Milhisner. 😉