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Saturday Night Live | February 2017 in Review

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Rich Tackenberg (@richtack), Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType), and Genevieve Melville discuss the February episodes of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Kristen Stewart and Alec Baldwin. As always, we are welcome to hear your feedback and thoughts on not only the sketches, but on the podcast’s format as well as we begin to determine a set structure. We look forward to seeing you back in March for Octavia Spencer and more to come!
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  • Brian Hough

    very excited for this, loved the last episode too. Surprisingly good Kristen Stewart episode and a very good Baldwin episode. Loved the Spicer stuff, but that Totino commercial was amazing, I think those might be my favourite pre-tapes

  • NateSadler

    Some of the Kristen Stewart talk seemed a little weirdly harsh. Brushing over the monologue, especially. It was way ballsier than we typically see, and the vast majority of reviews called it out as one of the highlights of the episode.

    • SuzaSuzie

      I agree I was surprised they didn’t give K Stew more credit for that monologue. I thought trumps tweets about her relationship great

    • Mike Bloom

      On retrospect, we definitely glanced over it when we should have at least acknowledged it. In short, I thought the tweet stuff was fun, different, and crazy to think about, but the whole “too cool to be here” part I could have done without. I was also noticing a lot of nervous tics from Stewart, which I think manifested in some missed cues in the first live sketch, as discussed on the podcast. And yeah, she did say “fucking,” but she’s far from the first person to do it (see Rocket, Charles and Slate, Jenny).

      Hope you enjoyed the podcast, and I hope some words about the sketches didn’t tamper the fact that I really enjoyed the Stewart episode and actually ranked it over the Baldwin episode.

  • SuzaSuzie

    Just want to give my feedback – I love Genevieve so much!! so glad you guys have brought her onto the podcast. I mean I love Rich and Mike too but still…Gen is the breakout star imo.

    I really like you guys going sketch by sketch in order, it makes it a lot easier to remember/figure out what sketch you are talking about especially when trying to remember an episode that aired a couple weeks ago. Much prefer this over the highlights/lowlights/jumping around to different sketches.

  • 1LOSTFan

    I wish you guys had not skipped over the airport ad in the Kirsten Stewart episode. It is one of the few times that the show has attacked a political policy directly. It was funny while being informative.

  • I was surprised to learn that they have not done any of the proposed branded content sketches yet…

  • Matt Racine

    another fun show! if your looking for input I prefer when you talk about the shows in order like you did on this podcast. easier to follow along then the january recap which jumped around quite a big. thanks for reviving the podcast gang 🙂

  • Adam Bradford

    I’d still think the ideal format is one podcast per episode, sketches in order, and covering every sketch. I think the podcast is just as fun when talking about how bad a sketch is. However, I’ll be appreciative of whatever we can get; thank you all for your work.

    • Mike Bloom

      Thanks so much for the feedback! Unfortunately due to availability, podcasting after each episode is out of the question at the moment. But we’re still trying to work out a format, so your input is greatly appreciated!

  • Adam Bradford

    Interesting…AV Club thought “Drill Sergeant Dad” was the best of the night. I enjoyed it too, Alec was pretty great yelling all his endearing comments.